10 New Innovative Yet Easy Salads You Can Make

on 18th Jul, 2017
Sometimes, when you want to make a salad, you don’t necessarily want to be stuck with the same old options. However, you likely aren’t interested in spending a lot of time in the kitchen making something overly complex. Luckily, there are a lot of innovating yet easy salads you can make at home.

Those included in this list either put a unique twist on classic combinations or bring together unexpected ingredients to create a balanced taste experience. Either way, the 10 salads described here won’t leave you stressed doing endless prep, allowing you to have a satisfying salad in a short amount of time. And, as a bonus, many of these are quite the crowd pleaser, making them strong options when entertaining.

1. Chard and Kale Caesar Salad

While the traditional Caesar Salad, like the Circle Caesar at Circle Café, is a classic, switching up the greens makes it a new flavour experience. Instead of using Romaine lettuce, use a mix of Chard and Kale. Then, simply add fresh parmesan cheese, ground pepper, and dressing. For additional crunch, you can throw in some croutons or try a Circle Café favourite twist with bagel chips. Mix all of the ingredients together, ensuring the dressing coats each part, and you’ve got a tasty salad to enjoy.

2. Blackberry Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette

Blackberries don’t always get the attention they deserve, but these flavorful and sweet berries bring something beautiful to a salad. Start with a bed of your favourite greens, like spinach and Romaine, add some caramelised nuts, avocado, and soft goat cheese. Then, drizzle a citrusy vinaigrette over the top for a bit of acid. Orange, lemon, and even grapefruit vinaigrettes can all work well to balance the sweetness of the berries, so choose the option that most appeals to you.

3. Roasted Pumpkin

The Pumpkin salad at the Circle Café is certainly unique, and it’s easy to make. Start with a bed of baby spinach. Then, simply combine cooked quinoa with roasted pumpkin and pine nuts. Add some beetroot, feta cheese, and cherry tomatoes and finish it off with a pesto dressing. This salad is hearty, filling, and loaded with protein, making it suitable as a meal. And, since the quinoa can be prepared in advance, it is surprisingly easy to put together when entertaining.

4. Quinoa Fruit Salad

Fruit salads can have much more than just fruit in them. A Quinoa Fruit Salad adds something to the classic design and creates a very satiating dish that is easy to make. Start with cooked, cooled quinoa and add blueberries, sliced strawberries, chopped mango, or any other of your favourite fruits and berries. Top with a simple honey-lime dressing made by whisk the juice of one lime together with three tablespoons of honey and two tablespoons of fresh mint. This salad is simple, healthy, and very refreshing, making it great for warm weather.

5. Goats Cheese Salad

Another option available at the Circle Café that you can make at home is the Goats Cheese Salad. And, best of all, this one doesn’t require any cooked ingredients. Start with a selection of mixed greens and top with hard goat cheese, walnuts, and cherry tomatoes. Add a balsamic reduction for some acid and finish with a pesto dressing for richness.

6. Arugula and Strawberry Salad

Many find the flavour of arugula to be a bit on the peppery side. However, this works to your advantage when combined with sweet, sliced fresh strawberries. Then, all you need is some fresh parmesan shavings and a tangy, sweet balsamic vinaigrette. When all of the flavours come together, the peppery taste of the arugula is the perfect complement, making for an enjoyable experience. If you want to add a bit more texture, this salad also goes well with added walnuts.

7. Updated Italian Salad

Taking inspiration from The Italian 2.0 Salad at the Circle Café, this grilled chicken salad can easily be a meal. Begin with mixed leaves and add some avocado, cherry tomatoes, and green olives. Top with grilled chicken, either sliced or shredded, and add some sliced almonds for crunch. Finally, drizzle with your favourite Italian dressing or even another vinaigrette. Even though this salad has a notable amount of protein, the flavours keep everything light, creating a highly satisfying salad that is easy to pull together.

8. Watermelon and Goat Cheese Salad

Another very refreshing salad perfect for warm months is the Watermelon and Goat Cheese Salad. Begin by cutting seedless watermelon into cubes. Then, add some roasted, rough chopped pistachios and crumble in the goat cheese. Add a simple apple cider vinaigrette and sprinkle the salad lightly with sea salt and fresh black pepper. It’s a surprising flavour combination that is both sweet and tangy, but it is sure to satisfy when you want a rejuvenating taste experience.

9. Asian-Inspired Salad

For a bit of Asian flair, this easy salad brings all of the flavours in a simple form. Start with spinach and watercress, then add some cooked edamame (soy beans) for protein and some texture. Toss everything together with a sesame-soy vinaigrette for some brightness, and your all set. This salad works great as a side, but you can bring it up to the level of a full meal with the addition of some chicken, marinated in soy sauce first and then grilled, and even some sliced almonds for crunch.

10. Romaine Salad with Orange, Beans, and Feta

A fun exploration of flavours and textures, this Romaine salad hits all of the marks. The bed of Romaine makes a satisfying foundation while the orange adds brightness. Red kidney beans make the dish hearty while the feta cheese adds creamy richness. Top with a balsamic vinaigrette, and you have a satiating experience sure to please.

If you are looking for a healthy, satisfying salad, but don’t want to make it yourself, Circle Café has a variety of fresh options available for you to enjoy. Come in and explore the full menu of meal-worthy salad entrees that are practically guaranteed to treat your body right.