10 Reasons Why You Should Work from a Café Even When You Have an Office

on 18th Sep, 2018
cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
In cities all over the world today, the working practices of people are shifting and changing all the time. The way that we work in this modern time means that adaptation has become more of a necessity. This adaptation has led to the rise of different types of worker within one city. The word ‘Millennial’ is spreading like wildfire and with fresher views on how we work and where we work from, more and more people are taking up the practice of working remotely. However, why would this type of working philosophy benefit those who already have an office to work from?

With cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi being on the forefront of economic revolution nowadays, the mind-state of the workforce is shifting further still. And it is shifting towards the tables of the best coffee shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But what is it about cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that is causing this rise in working from outside the office? What are the reasons behind this new popular trend among the young and old office workers? And why should you work from cafes like Circle even when you already have an office?

Top ten benefits of working at the best cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

1. Be part of the productive masses

To top our list of the reasons why Dubai’s workers are leaving their offices and taking up comfortable positions in their favourite coffee shops all over the region is because of productivity. An environment that is rich in other productive workers can help you to re-think problematic issues.

Tests show that seating the right people together in any environment can lead to a massive rise in productivity. So, when you are sat in a coffee shop and amongst other motivated and focused individuals, your own work is bound to be of a higher quality.

There is also an effect called the ‘Audience Effect’ which states that people generally work better if they have a small audience. These are all part of just one reason why you should work from cafes, away from your office.

2. Noise matters

There are those who would choose to believe that they work far better in a quiet environment. Quiet like, say an office would be. These people though, have been proved wrong by several studies including one which was published in the Journal of Consumer Research. The study found that the ‘ambient noise of a bustling coffee shop (around 70 decibels) enhanced creativity when compared to quieter levels of 50 decibels’.

Basically, if your mind is somewhat distracted by small levels of background noise, a certain part of your thinking process switches off and the more creative parts allow for more abstract and creative solutions to come to the surface.

Working in one of the cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi can allow you to be more creative and free with your ideas. This is one of the main reasons that people are leaving their offices to work in a café instead.

Circle Cafe Interior Design3. Change your scenery

One reason behind the recent push towards working in cafes over working in offices is for a change of scenery. The office environment can often be somewhat sterile (to say the least). Offices were built this way to minimise distraction and focus the mind, but it was also to promote an almost robot-like mentality. Thankfully the clock in–clock out work culture is slowly disappearing and a more free approach to working is being introduced.

Having to stare at those same office walls, fixtures and fittings for so long that you already know how many leaves have fallen from your office plant; it is now time to shake things up. You cannot expect your mind to come up with fresh new ideas and plans while working from within the same familiar atmosphere and sat at the same desk every single day. Breaking out of your usual every day routine allows for a refreshing and often positive change of outlook in life. A change in the location that you work from has also been proven to better stimulate creativity.

The office that you work in for most of the day every day can at some moments become more than just a home for distractions. In some more extreme cases, spending so much time in the same working environment has been known to dull creativity, lessen productivity as well as efficiency and even to aid the rise of complacency.

4. Fewer distractions

While we have just covered the fact that the ambient background noise of a coffee shop can benefit a workers mind, there is also a problem with too much noise as well as other types of distractions. The office can in some cases offer you both excess noise and constant interruptions with no break from the chaos. That would make it increasingly hard to think and work, would it not?

The office can sometimes be a breeding place for distraction and a distracted mind will always get far less work done than that of a focused mind. In every office, there is a constant stream of questions, other colleagues, office friends with personal issues and a wealth of other work-related interruptions that all serve to take you out of the swing of things. This is incredibly bad for productivity.

This is not the case when you work in one of the cafés in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, or anywhere in the UAE. You will be saved from a very high percentage of these distractions and interruptions. Now you can efficiently and effectively multi-task and clearly plan out whatever tasks you have set yourself. You can do so without the worry of a colleague leaning over to tell you about last night’s dinner date or the latest update on their favourite television show. Now you can focus on what is really important.

5. Remove yourself from your comfort zone

This reason is the catalyst behind a large number of office workers who are now choosing to work from a comfortable seat in one of the city’s best coffee shops.

Removing yourself from the apparent safety of that familiar office environment will allow you to seek out and find new inspirations as your mind seemingly switches back on. This is due to the influx of brand new information that you are allowing it to receive. A healthy way of mixing this with your work is to take a moment to enjoy the happenings in the coffee shop, and allow fresh ideas to come in and then return your focus to your work and let the buzzing atmosphere of the café work its magic.
Circle Cafe Branch Image

6. Great locations

Coffee shops and cafes around the world have been a place for young writers and creatives of all types to get away from the busy-ness of the big city to create their own masterpieces. It was here in these cafes that they would write some of our best loved books, plays and films. It can be argued then that these coffee shop walls hold a special place in history as the setting for great thinking and prolific works.

This is perhaps one of the main reasons why office workers are choosing the best coffee shops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi over their officers as a place to go and work.

7. Meeting new people and building community

Community is one of the most rewarding fruits of working from a coffee shop instead of the office. While being around new people can stimulate creativity, meeting new people and becoming an active part of different social circles can create whole new types of thinking altogether.

Working in coffee shops gives you the opportunity to network. It allows you to meet new people, widening your pool of resources as well as build a support system which can be helpful both in your work life as well as your personal one.

The network that you build while working from a café can sometimes be the support system that you need to grow as a person and widen your career options. If you aren’t the type to think outside the box, maybe meeting someone else who is one might help you to see what you cannot perceive on your own. Why not try working in a café for a few days this week and find out how it will benefit you or your company.

8. Comfort

Most modern day office buildings are fitted out with the same view on comfort. That it comes second to functionality. They are designed to allow you to work and offer you just enough comfort for you to do so. This, however, sometimes doesn’t provide enough comfort to get the best out of the employees and there are some who clearly require a little more in order to do the best they can.

Cafes and coffee shops then seem to have been designed with the absolute opposite in mind. The focus in almost every café across the globe is placed firmly on providing a calming and relaxed atmosphere to the diners. The comfort brought about by the coffee shop environment enables a thinking mind to work more efficiently.

Sitting back in a comfortable armchair while listening to the friendly chats and work conversations around you can inspire some of the best ideas you can ever come up with.

9. Collaboration is key

The community that you build while working from a café instead of your office is not just great for socialising. Working in this manner gives you the amazing opportunities to collaborate with other groups or individuals.

Collaborating with the people that you meet while working in a café or coffee shop allows you to work on projects that excite and challenge you as a worker. If you are having trouble on a project of some kind then perhaps, someone that you meet will be able to help. “Two heads are better than one”, they say, and it always helps to get an outside opinion in case you have been looking at the material in the same way for too long. Even just a fresh viewpoint helps sometimes.

The ability to collaborate and throw around ideas on an exciting project means that you are widening your working range, and allowing yourself to grow as a worker. The office will only offer you the ability to collaborate with colleagues (or sometimes clients and partners) who work in a similar fashion providing lesser chance of coming up with new ideas.

Instagram Image of Food while Working at Circle Cafe10. Close to the coffee

Even though any office will have at the very least a coffee machine or their very own cafeteria where staff can go on their breaks. The majority of these office cafeteria and coffee machines serve the types of coffee and snacks that doesn’t help you go through the morning meetings let alone the rest of the day.

If you like coffee, then chances are that you like the good, quality one. Just imagine being served the coffee of your choice and enjoying it while working in a comfortable seat.

The best cafes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi also offer a wide range of food options too. This makes them an even more convenient place to work as you now have the option of working in the morning over a few coffees and then having a lunch meeting with your client. You also have the option of having a quiet bite by yourself while taking a break from a heavy workload.

It is clear then that working from cafes or coffee shops benefits not only the employees but also the companies. These, though, are just some of the many work-related
                                  Image Credit: @jaryte                                              reasons why people tend to leave their office desks to                                                                                                                             work in the inspiring and motivational setting of a coffee shop. The other reasons are more closely related to taste.

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