10 Best Cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: A Must Try

Cakes and Desserts in the UAE

The traditions surrounding food within the UAE are longstanding, to say the least. The traditional Emirati cuisine is a blend of various different cuisines from around Asia and the Middle East. The sweet side of this food consists of dates, flour, honey and spices. But times have changed; the Emirati cuisine while widely loved is shifting to make room for the wants and needs of the tourists and the residents in the country. The city grows and evolves, so must the food culture.

Sweets have always been prevalent in the cuisine from this part of the world, however, the UAE has seen a rapid rise in the number of foods from other cultures that have become available within these flourishing dessert cities. Delivery service has made it possible to order desserts such as cupcakes or some of the best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi direct to your door or event. While desserts like Luqaimat (dumplings covered in date molasses) will continue to be age-old classics in this part of the world, the cake game in this region has changed. Now whether you want fresh cupcakes to add some colour to a meeting at work, or you want that special birthday cake made to order, it is now possible.

While there is now an ever-growing number of cake makers and bakeries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; there are only a few that can be considered to be amongst the Dubai’s best. The fact remains that all of Dubai cafes will serve cakes or other desserts, and Abu Dhabi cafes will all have some form of sweets on their menu. The use of fresh and unique ingredients sets apart the best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from the rest. Circle Café is one of those bakeries that are passionate enough about their craft to be considered as not merely good at what they do but to be one of Dubai’s best. Here are some of the best cakes to choose from.

10 best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

1. Carrot Cake: The classic taste of carrot is back

Carrot cake has always been high on the list of cakes for those people who are a little more health conscious. It is a great choice if you want to cut some of the sweet from your diet but still enjoy the amazing taste of a beautifully well-made cake.

Although this cake’s history is uncertain, it is known that the carrot cake has been around for a very long time. It is believed that carrot was first introduced to the recipe in the place of sugar when sugar and other sweeteners became harder to find. The original recipe would have included flour, eggs, carrots, almonds and baking powder (with sugar being added if it was available).

The ingredients of a carrot cake change depending on the bakery, making it as with most cake recipes. As this particular cake recipe is becoming well-known, not only for the health conscious but also to other foodies, some restaurants and cafes made some changes to this classic dessert o cater to a broader range of customers. Some of them have added a new list of ingredients to include pineapple. This can be seen working perfectly for the balance of taste in Circle Café’s recipe. Our Carrot Cake is made of fresh carrots and pineapple, topped with cream cheese and walnut which gives it an unparalleled balance of taste and texture.

2. Gluten-free Chocolate Mousse Cake: Chocolate mousse but not as you know it

The chocolate mousse cake has been around for as long as there have been people who like chocolate mousse and cake. The two go together so well that it has long been on any respectable cake maker’s menu. Now there once was a time when you would simply stay away from cakes as well as most other baked goods if you were the type who couldn’t eat gluten. Those days though are happily over as now the range of gluten-free products on the market is astounding. This fact has not been missed by the top bakeries and cafes of the world who now offer a gluten-free version of many of your favourite cakes.

Made using beaten egg whites, salt sugar, chocolate and egg yolk mixture, this cake joins the deliciousness of chocolate mousse and great taste of cake and now you can have it gluten-free. The idea of having chocolate mousse in a cake is not just refreshing, but it is the brilliant mix of soft texture melting in your mouth and the brilliant taste of the chocolate mousse that makes the gluten-free cake even more lovable. It is a winning combination for all foodies and health-conscious alike
Be sure to try the Circle Café’s take on this wonderful cake which sees a chocolate crust covering the outside of the cake and a filling of absolutely irresistible chocolate mousse on the inside. This will definitely make you want to come back for more.

3. 4-Layer Chocolate Cake: The cake that keeps on giving

The humble yet decadent chocolate cake has taken on many forms over the years since its first appearance. Beginning life as cocoa powder presented in various forms of desert, it has since grown to become one of the most favoured cakes for birthdays or after dinner treats. This growth in popularity has led to a wide number of variations and the 4 layer cake is one of the best.

Traditionally, the 4 layer chocolate cake combines 4 different chocolates and 4 different textures in one marvellous chocolate cake. While there are numerous versions of this cake, one of the best would have to be Circle Café’s 4 layer chocolate cake as the recipe they use has layered dark chocolate cream cheese and the whole cake is then topped with crushed dark chocolate. This cake really cannot be missed if you are a lover of all things chocolate.

4. Lazy Cake: The no-fuss delight

The idea behind a lazy cake is that it is the ‘lazy way’ of making a cake. This is how it began life anyway. Since then, the lazy cake has taken on many varieties and an equally wide number of names. The lazy cake is one of the few Middle Eastern cake recipes to still be seen on cake menus worldwide. Although many different countries have their very own version of the lazy cake and they all call theirs by another name; the lazy cake is believed to have first shown up in Middle Eastern kitchens. This mixture of biscuits and chocolate has been loved by many and is still available today.

One of the winning versions of this cake on offer in the UAE today is the lazy cake at Circle Café. It is made of biscuit and dark chocolate; they then powder the top of the cake with cocoa making it a beautiful take on an old Middle Eastern favourite.

5. Vanilla Buttercream Cake: A truly decadent mouthful

If chocolate is not your thing, then do not worry as the best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not necessarily all chocolate. This newer cake recipe is one that adds the tastes and textures of buttercream and vanilla, which makes it an all in one cake. This variation on the classic sponge cake has grown in popularity all over the UAE and is now one of the most ordered cakes from cafes and bakeries in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

A classic vanilla buttercream cake recipe would see a soft vanilla sponge cake coated in a buttercream icing. That is one way to do it; but not the best way. The best way of making this cake is the recipe used by Circle Café where the vanilla buttercream cake is covered in butter, icing sugar and caramel sauce. This is a cake that is perfect for all occasions that demand decadence.

6. Red Velvet Cake: The last word in decadent cakes

This cake was once upon a time only seen on those rare special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas. But this cake was loved so much when it did appear for those brief moments before each and every last slice was eaten, that it soon had to be made all year round. Its appearance in many new movies or TV shows only helped it to grow in popularity all over the world. An interesting note about the red velvet cake is that the red colour of the cake was once caused by the rich cocoa that was used to make it. More recently though, a red dye is used to give it this dark red colour.

The UAE began to want the beautifully crafted taste of this once traditional cake and it is now listed on many cake makers’ menu. Menus like that of Circle Café that makes one of the best red velvet cakes anywhere in the region. The red-brown chocolate layer cake is layered with white cream cheese icing or ermine icing to give it the rich but delicately balanced flavour you have come to know and love from a red velvet cake.

7. Vanilla Sparkle Cake: For the princess inside you

Another great choice for the lovers of decadence who aren’t as partial to chocolate is the vanilla sparkle cake. This is another newer take on the classic vanilla sponge cake that has graced birthdays and dinner tables all over the world for centuries. This new version though ties together the wonder of a fluffy and soft vanilla sponge cake with all manner of icing and decoration in order to create a sparkling and delicious cake that will add a touch of magic to any little girl’s birthday or even a not-so-little girl’s afternoon.

There are again many recipes out there for the vanilla sparkle cake, from the more simple versions where a soft sponge cake is covered with white icing and sprinkles, to the many-layered buttery vanilla sponge with layers of creamy icing and a decoration of sparkling edible glitter. Your choices, while endless, must include the vanilla sparkle cake that Circle Café makes. Their vanilla sparkle cake is one of the best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

8. Circle Cheesecake: A truly magnificent take on the classic Cheesecake

Cheesecake has been on the menu of any reputable cake maker since back before the Romans conquered the Greeks. A favourite dessert all over the world that came all the way from ancient Greece, the Cheesecake is the simplest of cakes that have the most magical mix of tastes and textures due to its cream cheese and biscuit layers; that, plus whatever the baker sees fit to put on top.

Although original recipes vary widely, most cheesecakes will consist of a layer of buttery biscuit, upon which there is a thick layer of sugary cream cheese. Favoured toppings of the cheesecake include whipped cream, fruit and even nuts amongst other things. If cheesecake is one of your personal favourites, there are several bakeries in Dubai and all throughout the country to choose from. But, why look further if you can order Circle Café’s mouth-watering version of this classic cake today?

9. Chocolate Malteser Cake: A cake for the kid inside us all

We already know that the mighty chocolate cake is one of the most famous types of cakes on earth. This is why there are always new varieties showing up on menus everywhere. Recently, there has been quite a popular trend of including childhood favourites into the mixture while making cakes. The use of snacks like Oreos or other chocolate bars to cake mixtures has been not only successful but has led to the creation of some real eye-openers. One such cake creation is the chocolate Malteser cake.

There are various ways to make a chocolate Malteser cake but though they vary slightly, the idea is generally the same. Make a gorgeous chocolate cake and cover it in Maltesers. Whoever decided that these light honeycomb balls covered in chocolate would make for an excellent cake decoration was not only right but was also a genius. Never before has a snack in its own right lent itself so well to being a cake decoration and Circle Café chocolate Malteser cake is again one of the best available on the market today. A velvety smooth chocolate cake with a layer of soft creamy chocolate icing is then covered with Maltesers to make what has to be one of the best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

10. 4-Layer Chocolate Caramel Cake: When 3 layers of chocolate caramel cake are not enough

Last but by no means the least on our list of the 10 best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the 4-layer chocolate caramel cake. This is another brilliant variation on the layered chocolate cake that sees the appearance of caramel giving an added sweetness, as well as slight chewy texture to the already dreamy dish. A cake of many layers, many textures and many tastes that all work together to give one mind-blowing taste sensation. Most 4-layer chocolate caramel cake recipes call for a chocolate biscuit layer, a caramel layer, and two other types of chocolate or caramel layer. Depending on the types of chocolate and caramel used, the taste can be many layers of deliciousness.

The ultimate in decadent cakes is definitely not for those who are shy about their love of layers, chocolate, caramel or cake. The 4-layer chocolate caramel cake is the beautiful mix of 4 separate layers of either chocolate or caramel or both together. This is a cake recipe that was made for experimentation as the idea works with a wealth of different layer types and taste ideas. If you want to taste the best 4-layer chocolate caramel cake that Dubai and Abu Dhabi has to offer, then you simply must try Circle Café’s 4-layer chocolate caramel cake as the mix of flavours and excellently crafted textures will stay with you for quite a while.

All there is left to do now is for you to choose your favourite cake and order it from one of the most passionate cake makers and cake delivery services in the UAE. Order today and have the prettiest and tastiest cakes delivered to your home or workplace so that you too can enjoy the absolutely unmissable taste of Circle Café’s cakes. One bite and you will understand why more and more people are calling Circle Café for all their cake-related needs, whether it’s a made to order cake for a birthday or you just want a sweet treat for a party, Circle Café has all your needs covered while maintaining the highest standards when it comes to ingredients, presentation and taste. Order online now!