Why is Circle Café the best breakfast place in Dubai in 2018?

on 31st Dec, 2017
Dubai is well-recognized as a fast-paced city, and the constantly on the go attitude most residents and visitors experience can leave you feeling stuck when it comes to finding healthy restaurants. But it is possible to find a great meal, even when you feel consistently pressed for time. Whether you are looking for an excellent place to sit and start your day or prefer to find healthy breakfast delivery in Dubai, Circle Café is known to be the best breakfast place in Dubai for both dine-in and home delivery.

If you haven’t experienced some of the most exceptional bagels Dubai has to offer, or the convenience of healthy food delivery, Circle Café has you covered. To help you see what the breakfast menu has to offer, including some of the best breakfast salads in Dubai, here’s a look at some of Circle Café’s most popular options.

1. Breakfast Platters and Bowls

When you’re looking for a more traditional breakfast in Dubai, Circle Café has a range of offerings designed to provide you with the energy you need to make it through your hectic day, all of which are available to order online and through the convenient food delivery program.

The Big Breakfast includes two eggs, which can be served fried, scrambled, or as an omelet, steak, grilled mushrooms, sautéed tomatoes, fresh avocado, flavourful baked beans, and halloumi cheese. You also get your choice of bread, including some of the best bagels in Dubai, and a fresh juice.

If you enjoy eggs to start your day, the Eggs Any Style plate includes either fried, poached or scrambled eggs or an omelet. You also get your choice of bread to ensure you are completely satiated after your meal. Shakshouka is also available, featuring two baked eggs in our in-house tomato, red pepper, chili salsa.

For more authentic Arabic flavours, the Terwi-a healthy breakfast platter features halloumi cheese, za’atar, foul, cucumber, olives, tomatoes, labneh, and Halawa. It comes with an Arabic bread, or you can choose from one of the other bread options available.

The Breakfast Bowl is a convenient option for food delivery in Dubai, placing all of the ingredients in a single container. The base includes mixed quinoa, sautéed spinach and kale, and falafel. It’s all topped with a poached egg, avocado, tomato, halloumi, and a rich kale pesto.

2. Bagels

Circle Café boasts a substantial selection of bagels, making it a prime choice for breakfast delivery in Dubai. You can enjoy flavours like sesame, onion, or cinnamon, or enjoy a flavour medley with the popular Everything bagel. Plain and whole wheat are also available, allowing you to enjoy the amazing flavour and texture in its unaltered state.

The Avocado on Toast and Egg Sandwich can also be served on a bagel, allowing your breakfast to be easily enjoyed while on the go.

These bagels can either be served whole or scooped out, giving you the flexibility to enjoy yours just the way you like it.

3. Breakfast Salads

While most people don’t think of including a salad in their healthy food delivery order, they can make an excellent meal as you start your day.

The Pumpkin Salad includes quinoa for heartiness and cherry tomato, beetroot, and baby spinach for a beautiful vegetable base. The roasted pumpkin brings in a subtle sweetness while the pine nuts highlight the salads earthiness. Creamy feta cheese adds richness, making it one of the best salads Dubai has to offer for breakfast.

A Hawaiian Pohkay salad can also be an exceptional morning meal. The diced tuna provides a healthy dose of protein and vital fats while the avocado adds creaminess. Quinoa adds more protein and fibre, helping you remain satisfied, and the cherry tomatoes make the salad vibrant. The Asian dressing adds some sweetness, making it a truly wonderful option for breakfast.

4. French Toast and Pancakes

If you prefer something sweeter, our Dubai breakfast menu also features French Toast and Pancakes. The French Toast includes your choice of topping, including favourites like Nutella, warm caramel sauce or butterscotch. You can even get bananas and almonds to add extra creaminess and crunch.

You can also choose the topping for your pancakes, including blueberry preserve, Nutella, or traditional maple syrup.

5. Fresh Juices

Many people don’t believe their breakfast is complete without juice, and the fresh juice options through Circle Café are a great way to start the day. You can choose from traditional juices like Orange, Carrot, and Pineapple or popular options like Mint Mojito, the Immune Boost blend, or Kale Lemonade.

With the numerous choices, you’re sure to find one that combines the health benefits you’re seeking with a flavour you’ll adore.

6. Smoothies

Smoothies have become a breakfast favourite throughout the world, and they are perfect for online orders and food delivery in Dubai. The Banana Oat Fuel smoothie features a wonderfully sweet flavour thanks to the bananas and honey, while the oats supply fibre and add a slightly earthy flavour. Cinnamon brings it all together, creating a sense of warmth.

The Abs smoothie is a favourite for those who like to add some greens to their smoothie. Along with a healthy dose of spinach and creamy avocado, the Abs features beautifully ripe bananas, dates, and coconut water for sweetness, and a hint of mint to give it a refreshing edge.

For those looking for protein in the morning, the Chia Power smoothing includes chia seeds and almonds. You also get a solid helping of berries, bringing in sweetness and antioxidants, while yoghurt adds more protein and wonderful creaminess. A hint of vanilla and honey makes this smoothie a great Dubai breakfast delivery option.

The entire menu is available for online ordering and delivery during breakfast in Dubai, ensuring you can experience a healthy restaurant meal regardless of where your day may take you. Whether you want to try an extraordinary breakfast salad, hearty and healthy platter, a rich and satisfying smoothie, or some of the best bagels in Dubai, Circle Café has you covered. So, if you haven’t tried one of the favourite Dubai cafés, make 2018 the year you explore everything Circle Café has to offer.

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