What Makes Circle Café the Best Place for Dinner in Dubai?

on 30th Dec, 2018
Salmon Teriyaki - Best Dinner in Dubai | Circle Cafe

-Updated 6 February 2019-

With the simple idea of fresh and tasty food that gives diners a certain level of comfort that was not commonly found in restaurants or food chains, two moms found their niche in Dubai’s growing food culture. While on a trip to the United States, these two moms from Dubai realised that there was something that they enjoyed so much while abroad that they could not find at home. And so, they decided to bring it to Dubai themselves. And this was how Circle Café was born.

Since first opening the Circle Café doors back in 2003, these two moms and their amazing restaurant chain have gone from strength to strength. It turns out they were not the only people who had a strong need for tasty and comforting, not to mention nutritious and healthy, meal options in Dubai. The Circle Café has gone from being a great place to get a comforting breakfast and sit down for a coffee, to being able to provide corporate catering in Dubai at an industry-leading standard. So whether it is breakfast, lunch dinner or catering for an event, Circle Café is what you need.

And with a 25% Promotion in all items this December and Catering for your office party, the Circle Café is not only the tastiest choice but the best value for money as well. 

What is Circle Café famous for? 

Carrot Cake - Best Dinner in Dubai | Circle CafeMaking a name for yourself as a restaurant is by no means an easy thing to do, especially in Dubai where the popularity of food culture is on a steady rise. But in and amongst all the many breakfast cafes, lunch spots and dinner places in Dubai, there was one name that continued to stand out. The Circle Café became synonymous with any talk of an amazing breakfast’ or an ‘authentic New York-style bagel’. Circle Café became not only somewhere that you could go to for a slice of cake on your way to work, but also where you would stop for breakfast and then go back for a working lunch before taking your family out for dinner.

Breakfast was, of course, the meal that went a long way towards putting Circle Café on the map so to speak. And we still make what has to be one of the best breakfasts available anywhere in the UAE today. Stop by a Circle Café and you will see from our selection of cakes, bagels and all manners of other comforting and delicious breakfast goodies why we are considered the best breakfast in Dubai.

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Although we are well-known for our breakfast items, many of our customers also enjoy hanging out in our restaurants or enjoying our food in the evening. So why choose Circle Café for your evening meal? 

Circle Café as the Best Place for Dinner in Dubai?

Whether you are eating out alone, dining with family or friends, or just ordering healthy food delivery in Dubai, it really does matter where you choose to eat from. But, there are so many things that can alter your dining experience. From the food we serve to the quality of the service, you want to be sure that the restaurant you dine in is worthy of your time and of course, money. Well here are the top 5 reasons why Circle Café is the best place for dinner in Dubai for you and your loved ones. 

1.    Food comes first

When we talk about dining out at a café, some people would choose to believe that we are talking about simply getting an easy light bite. They may even think that because it is a café, that the focus is primarily on the speed of service. And, for some of Dubai’s cafes, they would be correct in thinking that way. However, at Circle Café, the focus is and always has been on the food first. Only by placing a strong focus and utmost importance on the quality, taste and presentation of our food can we be considered as one of the best dinner places in Dubai.

Steak Salad - Best Dinner in Dubai | Circle CafeThe food that we serve at Circle Café has sealed our reputation in the F&B industry in Dubai. This was only possible by applying the same passion for taste and presentation to our meal items whether it be for dinner or breakfast. Our customers knew us for our amazing breakfast and began to come back for lunch and then dinner; and all because of our food. We value great taste over most other things and know that great taste comes from fresh ingredients that are skillfully put together and beautifully presented. 

The other way that we, at Circle Café, have managed to delight our customers and keep them coming back is with the variety of foods that we offer. The choice on offer at Circle Café is unlike any that you will come across in Dubai and quite simply has something for everyone. Most tastes and dietary requirements are taken into account on the Circle Café’s amazing menu, which also makes it one of the best places to get catering for your office party or dinner. The wide selection of great foods on offer for dinner at Circle Café also includes several choices for Vegetarian and Vegan diners, which is something that not many of Dubai’s cafes can say. 

“The attention to detail and passion for food at Circle Café has kept diners satisfied and returning for more – and that what makes us great.” 

2.    Never take Ambience for granted

There are some restaurants and cafes in Dubai’s ever-increasing list of eateries that are known for having really good food, but that are lacking in other areas. One area in particular that many restaurants and cafes have overlooked is ambience. Other than the food, we, at Circle Café, believe that ambience is amongst the focal points of a café or restaurant. After all, if your customers do not feel at ease or comfortable in your restaurant, then certainly they won’t be coming back.

But, what makes the ambience so great at Circle Café? Well, since opening our doors as a breakfast eatery, we strived to make Circle Café a comfortable and friendly place that you could come and sit down alone or with friends. Because our customers ranged from those who would come in for a coffee and a slice of our amazing cake, right through to large business lunches, we learnt how to adapt our service and indeed our surroundings so that it would suit any type of diner and still promote cosiness. The same can be said for the ambience of our café in the evenings and especially at night when Circle Café seems to come alive with people enjoying the food, the space and each other’s company. Night time at Circle Café has an amazing ambience which builds on the quality of the food and makes it an amazing place to go for dinner.

The other aspect of Circle Café that affects the ambience is the interior design. With a fresh and stylish approach to the whole café concept, Circle Café has redefined the way in which good food is coupled with a comfortable space. The diner is placed in an environment that allows them to enjoy both the food and the experience wholeheartedly. 

Head down to your nearest Circle Café and find out for yourself how the sleek and minimal, yet stylishly comfortable décor allows you to drift off into a world of amazing food.

3.    Location, location, location

One of the main things that the average diner will be looking out for when they decide on where to go for dinner is, of course, the location. The location can be important for so many reasons as it can determine not only how long it takes you to get there or to go back home but it also determines where you are when you eat. You would, therefore, expect the best place for dinner in Dubai to have a great selection of locations to choose from. And you would be right. Circle Café has a number of great and convenient locations to choose from. This means that it is never hard to find a Circle Café near you.

Location will also play a big part in your choice of venues for dinner where many other cafes and restaurants will fall at this hurdle. For any celebration, it is important for you to find a café or restaurant with the right location. If you want a café that has great and accessible locations, then look no further.

So, where are these great and accessible locations that we at Circle Café can so proudly recommend? We have locations in Dubai that are near some of the city’s most loved and regularly visited tourist spots. Why not visit the Circle Café in Internet City and sit down for an amazing dinner where you can enjoy the astounding views of Dubai at night. Why settle for anything less than great food, amazing ambience and convenient locations? 

“If, like many people, you would like to dine out for dinner, then come down to one of Circle Café’s amazing restaurants!”

4.    Offers make for a sweeter deal

We always want our customers to enjoy good food without spending too much on it. This month, we are giving our customers 25% discount on your total bill. Not many cafes, restaurants or F&B businesses offer this type of deal, and we are proud to be one of the few. We wanted to give back to our customers by giving them a chance to make any occasion extra special.

Steak Salad - Best Dinner in Dubai | Circle CafeAside from our 25% discount, we also offer all-you-can-eat breakfast from Fridays to Saturdays.

“Call us for party catering enquiries or take advantage of our 25% off discount and advance online ordering offers!”

5. Service that surpasses expectation

When all else is said and done, there is still one factor that can affect your dining experience – and that is the service. This means that even if a café or restaurant has great food and located in the most convenient spots in the city, all of that can matter so little if their service leaves much to be desired. The way that we are treated when we go out for dinner matters just as much as the food that we are served and the surrounding that we are served in, sometimes even more. At Circle Café, we have been aware of this fact since the very first meal was served and we pride ourselves on giving our customers some of the best customer services in any café or restaurant in Dubai.

Whether you come and sit down for a meal at one of our amazing locations, or you have our tasty food delivered, or you have an office event catered by us, at every level, we strive to provide industry-leading service. ‘Brilliant food; excellent service’ stated one of our satisfied customers who left a five-star review on a popular review site. This goes to show that we value our customer’s dining experience and will, therefore, go above and beyond in order to allow the food, ambience and location to go hand in hand with a service that surpasses expectation.

As a diner in a city as fast-paced and tourist-filled as Dubai, it can often be the case that you are made to feel like just another order to be seated, served and charged. Dinner with your family or work colleagues is a time when you want a more personal approach to service. This is what we, at Circle Café, offer our diners all year-round. Do not be treated like just another customer, come to Circle Café and find out for yourself. 

If you want an industry-leading service that allows you and your family or friends to enjoy great food in a beautiful space, then head to your nearest Circle Café.

Circle Café is your best choice for dinner for any season

Of all the many things that you will be stressing or worrying about as this year comes to an end, do not let your choice of café or restaurant be one of them. The easy and simple choice is the Circle Café. If it is amazing food that you want, or an accessible location with breathtaking views during the busy period, or industry-leading service, whatever it is that you are looking for, Circle Café is the place is your go-to cafe. And now you get the same great deal for 25% less. What more could you ask?

Do not forget that we offer 25% discount on your total bill. Check our menu online and come in, order online or arrange some party catering for you and your family or friends today.