Breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi: 5 Breakfast Items You Must Try

on 06th Mar, 2017
Avocado on Toast | Breakfast in Dubai | Circle Cafe
It’s easy to get into a breakfast rut.  And when that happens, you lose interest in what is supposed to be the most important meal of the day.  If it’s so important, it should be anything but boring; it should have you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited to sit down to eat. We at Circle cafe understand this, serving the best breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our breakfast menu is full of items to tempt every palate.

Deconstructed Granola

Deconstructed Granola | Breakfast in Dubai | Circle Cafe

Granola is a food item that became popular in the United States back in the 1960s, during the time of the peace-loving hippies. In fact, granola got a bad reputation as being a plain, boring food that those who refused meat subsisted upon.

While it might not look like it on the outside, granola is chock full of nutrients. Oats are full of fibre and aid in digestion and blood pressure regulation. And nuts are filled to the brim with heart-healthy fats and have the ability to give you just the energy boost you need. Circle Café’s deconstructed granola doesn’t stop with just these ingredients, however. You also get sides of seasonal fruits and berries, yoghurt and honey. Fruits and berries are full of vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C. And using fruits in season ensure that these nutrients are at their peak. Yoghurt contains protein, calcium and probiotics that are great for proper digestion. And honey, a natural sweetener made by bees, contains flavonoids as well as antibacterial properties. All of these ingredients are served separately for you to create your own breakfast experience.  After all, breakfast is more fun when you get to play with it. 

Grilled Halloumi

Grilled Halloumi | Breakfast in Dubai | Circle Cafe

With origins in Cypress, halloumi is a cheese that has been around for centuries. It is usually made mostly from sheep’s milk with a small amount of goat’s milk added.  Some, more recent, recipes, call for the addition of cow’s milk. Halloumi is an interesting cheese. It is a semi-hard cheese with a rather high melting point, which means that it won’t make for the melty sandwich you’re used to seeing. Instead, halloumi maintains its shape when heated.  Grilling the cheese not only gives it grill marks, it softens the inside, giving it a meaty texture, and caramelises the exterior. The flavour is amplified. Traditionally, halloumi is served with mint, which used to act as a preservative. Circle Café’s grilled halloumi is served with thyme, which has the slightest hint of mint flavour, and cool cucumber on a slice of toasted bread, making this grilled cheese one that is both flavourful and texturally interesting.

Middle Eastern Baked Beans

Middle Eastern Baked Beans | Breakfast in Dubai | Circle Cafe

Middle Eastern baked beans, called Foul Moudamas (or ful medames), is often considered to be the national dish of Egypt, where it originated.  A traditional breakfast dish, it has gained popularity throughout the Arab states. It is made from stewed fava beans (full of fibre and protein) and frequently spiced with cumin. Circle Café’s Foul Moudamas are made with olive oil, garlic, parsley, chilli pepper and fried onions, and is a dish that will leave you feeling full and satisfied all day long.

Sha Sha Shakshouka

Sha Sha Shakshouka | Breakfast in Dubai | Circle Cafe

Shakshouka is a Middle Eastern breakfast dish. There is no one right way to make this dish, though its sauce base is usually made from tomatoes, peppers, onions and cumin all cooked together in a skillet. Eggs are poached in this flavourful sauce, and then the entire dish is served right in the same skillet in which it was cooked. Served by almost every breakfast restaurant here, this Arabic classic makes for the perfect breakfast in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Smashed Avocado Toast

Smashed Avocado Toast | Breakfast in Dubai | Circle Cafe

Smashing avocado and putting it on toast might not seem like a novel idea, but this food trend has really taken off.  And it’s no wonder.  Avocado acts like a more filling (and vegetarian) substitute for butter. It’s a simple meal – avocado, toast and, in Circle Café’s Smashed Avocado Toast, a bit of chilli powder – yet it is full of nutrients. 

Don’t let a boring breakfast get you down. If you’re looking for a place to have breakfast in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, stop by Circle Café for an entire menu that will make your taste buds love their morning meal again. We also offer breakfast delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Click here to order online
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