Have a Green Day – Breakfast Salads: Yay or Nay?

on 04th Nov, 2019

Green is for good, no matter the hour

Eating green and raw vegetables is widely known for its health benefits. So why not start like this with the first meal of the day?

Many people may believe salads are best suited for a light dinner or a side dish for lunch, but not a lot of people know about all the benefits of eating a salad as the first meal of the day.

First of all, starting your day with a green plate will set the right mood and put you in a good mindset. Having a fresh start on a Monday morning gives you the right motivation to have a healthy and be proactive throughout the week.

Some people believe that raw food is too acidic for the tummy, and this is the main reason why salads in the mornings are frowned upon. But except the few individuals who have biological conditions keeping them from consuming fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach, there is nothing to worry about. This is mainly a myth and it’s quite opposite to the reality because raw fruits and vegetables on an empty stomach are actually a great way to make sure you have all the right vitamins and nutrients for the entire day.
Here is a shortlist of reasons that will wrap up all the benefits of eating salads in the morning, and will reiterate the fact that breakfast salads are a thing and more people should get them:
1. All the vitamins and nutrients from the food are easily absorbed if consumed in the morning. The fact that the intestines are empty and clear from other residues will help up with the whole process of the body taking in the right substances from the food consumed. This is the same reason why supplements are taken in the morning.

And if you offer your body a healthy breakfast, it will ensure that everything you need throughout the day is already in your system, helping you have a healthier body and high levels of energy.

2. A light breakfast will keep you active and pumped. Usually, when we have a heavy meal, our bodies tend to become tired, overwhelmed by all the food that has to be digested. It’s the main reason why we feel sleepy after, for example, a heavy lunch, and we need a little siesta before getting back to work. A salad, on the other hand, is fresh and light, helping to keep the energy levels up. It’s a great way to start a day if you need to be active from the morning.

3. It helps you make sure you had at least one healthy meal in a day. For busy people who may end up having such a chaotic day, all they eat for lunch is a sandwich and for dinner a beagle.

By starting your day with a healthy salad, you actually can make sure that no matter what the day brings, you’ve had your share of vitamins and you won’t end up eating only junk food all day.

4. It puts you in a good mood. Usually, when we have a salad we feel better about ourselves, about having done something good for our health and bodies. But there’s more than that – there’s science behind it.

Eating healthy has been proven to put you in a good mood. And the explanation is simple – when eating your normal heavy breakfasts, your body will find it difficult to digest, slowing down both the body and the mind. On the other hand, having a salad in the morning will help keep your focus and mood.

Breakfast Salad If these reasons are not enough, think about the fact that if you start your day with a salad, you will still have a clean half of day, which means it helps your body more than a croissant would. And chances are that if you start with a salad, you will become more responsible about your food habit for the rest of the day. No matter how you look at it, there are only benefits of eating salads in the morning! And on top of that, if you have the right mix, you can end up with a delicious salad that would make any traditional breakfast pale in comparison. Because breakfast salads are not just a thing, breakfast salads are one of the best that you can do for yourself and your body, the morning after morning!

Breakfast Salad? Any time is a good time for a salad!

If you want to give it a try, but are still a little bit sceptical regarding how can a salad spin your day around, take a look at these salads and imagine yourself starting your day fresh with one of them:

1. The Mediterranean breakfast salad – a delicious meal that will blow your senses away.

With a great combination of greens and proteins, the Mediterranean breakfast salad will for sure become the start of the day and will leave you thinking about the delicious breakfast you’ve had for the rest of the day. The healthy fats, proteins and fibre will, for sure, set the digestive process on the right track and will help you have a fresh start of the day. And, nevertheless, the marinated onions will spice up your morning and give you that kick start you need for a productive day!

2. Blueberry breakfast salad – If you want the benefits of a breakfast salad but are not yet 100% committed to a “green” breakfast, then this one is for you. The blueberries give the right amount of antioxidants and vitamin C to fill you up with energy for the day. And if you add a glass of orange juice next to that salad, you just got yourself an energy booster for the whole day!

3. Another good option for people who like their proteins in the morning is the avocado breakfast salad. This can both be vegan or it can feature some poached eggs for some extra texture. It will bring all the nutrients on the plate and help you get started with the day and all the challenges that may lay ahead of you.

4. Arugula breakfast salad is another great way of ditching the unhealthy lifestyle and start working on a healthy and balanced diet. The best way to mix this salad is with some feta cheese and some slices of bacon to flavour it up. Look at it like this: you still get the bacon, only, it comes in a healthier company and it will make you feel better, and look better in the end.

Quinoa Fruit Salad5. The breakfast quinoa salad - If you feel you need some carbs in the morning, but still want to go for the healthy choice, then the choice is obvious. A nice and delicious bowl of quinoa salad with avocado, mango cubes and fresh berries is your way to go.

6. Breakfast salad with poached eggs – This salad is good if you want to make the change to a green breakfast step by step. It will still include the boiled eggs which are a sine qua non in a traditional breakfast, yet the rest of the meal will include a lot of greenery that will pump up your body in no time.

7. Fig and cantaloupe salad with creamy garlic and live dressing – If you think the garlic flavour might be a bit strong to experience in the morning, it can easily be covered up with the freshness of the cantaloupe and fig, plus the smell of that hot coffee, leaving you to enjoy this delicious salad without any other concerns.

8. Though the name may be misleading, the Spring Greens Bibimbap salad is not a dish to be enjoyed only in April. This salad is the best definition of a breakfast salad, having as main ingredient fried eggs, sunny side up, that will help you start a great and positive day!

9. The miso roasted acorn squash salad is such a delicacy that only the thought of eating it in the morning will make you jump right out of your bed! The sweet taste of the acorn squash together with the sour pomegranate and dressing will wake up your taste buds and your whole senses.

10. Peachy salad with toasted oats – Don’t believe that just because you enjoy sweet breakfast there is no option for you! This salad is the perfect way to start the day with a sweet and healthy meal. The peaches and the toasted oats go perfectly with some baby greens that will add a great value to the bowl, vitamin-wise. And whether you decide to boost it up with a flavoured coffee, this breakfast option will always be at the top of most healthy choices for a breakfast meal.

11. Apple avocado breakfast salad is a great boost for your body and mind. Not only tasty and filled with proteins, but this mix also brings a lot of nutrition for your brain, feeding all the important cells of your body. With additional walnuts and raisins, this will convince you that breakfast salads are a must-try! The firm texture and crunch of the apples are perfectly balanced by the mousy avocado, and the tangy taste of the apple is enhanced by the sweetness of the raisins and honey. This is a delicious breakfast you should at least try!

12. Tomato, cucumber and avocado salad – This salad sounds very simple and basic, but don’t be fooled by the first impression! The freshness of cucumber and tomatoes are a perfect mix for the heaviness of the avocado and the fried egg, balancing out all the fats and giving an overall fresh flavour. On the other hand, the egg and the avocado make sure that your body gets the proteins and carbs needed for the beginning of a successful day!

13. Poached eggs and skillet toast salad – While keeping some basic ingredients of a traditional breakfast, this salad is a light and healthy option for those who still want to enjoy some of the old breakfast tastes and flavours. If you ever find yourself in doubt, just go for poached eggs and skilled toast salad to make sure you get the best out of both experiences: the traditional morning meal, as well as the light and healthy option.

14. Grilled wedge salad with a fried egg and cranberry feta is one of the best ways to start your day. Tasty fried eggs with cheese on lettuce is the perfect meal to get you up and running for a new day. The tasty meal will, for sure, help you start the day with a smile on your face, while still having a filling meal, and a big intake of vitamins and nutrients.

15. Grilled romaine salad with eggs, wakame and black vinegar – A fresh yet greatly flavoured recipe that will drag you out of bed in no time! If you have troubles with getting your day started and are, usually, a slow morning person, all you need is a bit of flavour! And there is nothing better than some flavoured greens with eggs, wakame and vinegar to wake you up by tickling your taste buds.

16. The Seaside Breakfast salad – Whether you are on a vacation or having just another regular working day, this salad will put a smile on your face and fill up your hungry tummies! It only has 4 ingredients, being one of the easiest to make breakfast meals. The eggs with the wild sardines make a mixed, very pleasant texture, and the arugula together with the marinated artichoke hearts will bring the right amount of freshness that will pump up your morning!

Vegan Salad17. Grapefruit, salmon, and avocado salad – This great mix is perfect for the days when you feel like starting your morning in a special way. With its delicious ingredients, this salad is a great way to celebrate the mixed cultures which allow you to experience new tastes and flavours. The great texture and the delicate taste will make you enjoy every bite and start your day in with a great mood!

18. And last but not least, the Vegan egg salad. Yes, you heard it right, a vegan egg salad! Though it may be a little more challenging to make, this salad it’s definitely worth the trouble. Using Tofu + Vegan Mayo, you can have your egg salad, vegan style. So if you’re planning on preparing a nice breakfast for your loved ones, you can give this fabulous dish a try and impress your friends and family with a great, breakfast meal.

What’s in your Breakfast Salad?

Having a great breakfast is the first step in having a great day!

The great thing about having a salad for breakfast is that no matter what your food preferences or choices may be, you can always enjoy it with your friends and family. You can also experiment with the ingredients and with various mixes, and discover new flavours every morning. And it is, nevertheless, easy to prepare. Forget about the cooked meals, you won’t have to wake one hour early to prepare your salad. In 15 minutes, it can be set on your dining table.

And if you don’t trust your cooking (or prepping) skills, you can always search for the best breakfast delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and order any salad you want, straight at your doorsteps. So if you are searching for the best salad for you for that much-awaited green start, you can take a look at Circle Café’s menu, and order your favourite. This way, you can expect the best breakfast is delivered right to you. And you won’t even have to clean the kitchen after! So just take a look, choose your salad of the day and enjoy a great breakfast for a green day!