Corporate Catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi - Tips for a Stand Out Corporate Party

on 29th Mar, 2018
Corporate Catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Looking to throw that outstanding corporate party that will have your company stand out and establish your professionalism in the industry? Are you wondering where to begin? As with any party, planning ahead of time and being meticulous with every small detail is paramount to achieve your desired level of success. And in the corporate world, the hurdle is a few more inches higher.

In a corporate party, you will have a collection of major panjandrums in the industry and your goal is to have them leave the party impressed. Having a successful corporate party boosts your employees' morale and increases the company's productivity levels. The party is not all about food and drinks. A lot more goes into a successful party.

For instance, how will the security be maintained? Is an outdoor party better than an indoor? How do you select the best location to host the party? A buffet or a banquet? What entertainment will you provide? These can seem overwhelming at the beginning, but a simple sit-down and planning can save you the hustle and bustle that comes along with it. With these catering tips 101, you're guaranteed of an eventful corporate party.

But why host a corporate party in Dubai or Abu Dhabi? There are a myriad of advantages that come along with corporate parties. Listed below are some of them.

1. Boost Employees Morale

A successful corporate party will have your employees' confidence levels in the company increased and their productivity levels multiplied. Having the party shows the care and affection a company has towards its employees and in return, the employees feel the urge to improve their productivity. In any case, it's a platform that can be used to reward productive employees while encouraging the rest to aim for the best.

2. Showcase your company to prospective clients

A corporate party is a perfect event to showcase the company to various prospective clients. It's not only a time to celebrate and enjoy, but to attract new clientele and maintain the current ones. Clients want a company that is well-organised and gives its clients the attention they deserve, and what better way to show that than plan a corporate party. Clients will be able to interact with various employees, management, and fellow clients. From this, you can either build your reputation or destroy it.

3. Boost teamwork in the company

The celebratory mood involved in corporate parties should be a perfect avenue for the management and employees to interact while demolishing the hierarchical barriers. The party levels form the playing ground for all stakeholders and increases interaction among employees and management leading to a better work environment. In the process, the productivity and innovation levels of the company increase.

4. Improves company's public image

Hosting a corporate party and involving major stakeholders in an industry boosts your public image to your consumers, prospective clients and prospective employees. Since it shows the love and care a company has towards its employees and clients, it is most likely that consumers will feel attracted to buy the products and avail the services of the company.

Apart from that, it reduces government authorities' anxiety towards a company and increases your media coverage, thus boosting your sales in the long run. While at it, the party can also be used to showcase the company's products, albeit subliminally since you don't want it feeling like a promotional event.

5. Celebrating company's milestones

A corporate party doesn’t have to be all about business. Simply hosting a party that will be all about celebration is a good way to show appreciation to the employees. For example, an end-of-year party can be used to celebrate the company's revenue for the year. It can as well be used to celebrate expansion of a new branch of the company.

In most cases, corporate parties should be fun. Let every attendee feel welcomed and allowed to enjoy. To achieve these goals and milestones, a lot must go into consideration. Below are successful tips that can be employed for corporate catering in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or anywhere else in the world.

How to plan for a successful corporate party in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It is a no brainer that planning for a party, even a simple home party, can be a stressful task. This, coupled with the seemingly failed previous parties evidenced by poor feedback can lower the morale for hosting a corporate party. But here is an extensive guide on party catering tips and hosting successful corporate parties in the UAE and Saudi Arabia that will leave you confident enough to host one.

1. Plan your Budget

Even before you get to “the who”, “the where”, and “the how”, you need to plan the "how much." Your corporate party's success rate will greatly depend on how this factor will be well-planned. In any case, the budget should be sufficient enough, not to throw you off your financial feet, while still giving a classic party that will leave a good impression with everyone.

Dubai is a world metropolitan. With businesses from all over the world converging at its feet and increased consumer levels, the prices of items can be overwhelming. It is, however, a wise decision to involve a financial expert to help you with this part. You do not want to place too much emphasis on food and forget, for example, security and entertainment. The budget should be well-planned all round, fitting each and every aspect of the party.

For instance, there are costs involved with the venue, costs to do with food and beverages, entertainment, décor, and a whole lot of other hidden fees. There's a long list of catering companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that can help you in budgeting and planning of the event.

2. Food and Beverages

Food and beverages almost always take the center stage with any party. They're usually the most memorable item in parties and can either make or break the success of the party.

The food served must take into consideration the dietary restriction of some people. If the meal involves meat, consider adding a vegetarian or vegan portion to the serving. You do not want anyone leaving the party hungry or feeling left out.

A filling and satisfying meal should then be concluded with a savory, sweet, decadent dessert to leave a long-lasting impression of the party. Similar to the meals, also provide options for the guests to choose from, especially those who watch their diets carefully. The selection can include desserts that are good for vegans and other people with dietary requirements.

When it comes to drinks, consider alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Beverages should also be provided to cater for various groups of people: caffeinated, non-caffeinated; hot, cold; Sweet, sour. It is also advisable to have a signature drink in the party like a specially prepared refreshment. This can be a cocktail or some new drink in the market.

UAE is known for its warm temperature. While tea and coffee are among the favourites to most people, cold beverages will work best especially if the party is held outdoors or hosted during the day. You could have soft drinks, fresh juices and smoothies to give that refreshing aspect to the meal.

Aside from the type of food served in the party, food hygiene should also be observed at all cost. Ensure that all standard procedures and laws are followed – from the ingredients to the preparation and handling.

While looking to ensure an optimal budget, you must ensure that the food is enough for all the invited guests because this will only encourage negative reviews and feedback. This will also display your lack of proper planning and organisation to your employees, clients and even your prospects. To avoid this from happening, confirm the attendees before the big event so you have the approximate number of people who will be attending.

3. Presentation and Decorations

It is said that sight ingrains in us unforgettable memories. It is the décor that will first strike the sight of attendees when they come to the party. This should be painstakingly prepared and applied. Refrain from overdoing it.

The theme of the party should match the color of the garments. Bright colours lighten the mood while dark colors give the party a somber one.

From food presentation to seating arrangement, the level of organisation should be visible and almost tactile. Let the attendees feel a sense of perfection and order. Let there be enough space to move about, dancing area, and pathways leading to various points. Selecting a large enough location is thus paramount.

4. Outdoor or Indoor?

Dubai is known around the world for its thriving hospitability industry. With exquisite five-star hotels and restaurants to amazing parks and beaches, you have enough location choices to host the party.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi's climates are hot and dry. It is therefore not a bad idea to host your party out in the field or in the beach while enjoying the glazing sun and the cooling breeze from the ocean. However, be considerate enough to have a plan B in regards to a roofed place in case the temperature soars.

Holding the corporate party at night will give you the ambience and the flexibility of creating beautiful decorations. It also directs all attention to the party and enhances its visibility. But hosting a night or evening corporate party may have its limitations such as security and cooler temperatures. It's mostly suitable to have a night party indoor.

But a corporate party hosted in the day gives you the flexibility of hosting it anywhere. On top of that, it instills a celebratory mood in the attendees and gives it an informal aspect thereby enhancing interaction among employees and management.

Either way, both outdoor and indoor parties will achieve the same end result. The major thing to ensure is planning well ahead.

5. Entertainment

It's not a party unless it's fun. This being a corporate party, the entertainment aspect should not reflect the formalities of the corporation. Be sure to have engaging entertainment options such as music, comedy, games and many more to reduce anxiety and lighten the atmosphere. You may also bring in circus groups that may maintain happy moods.

Your choices are endless. However, ensure the entertainment does not infringe on other people's culture. For example, balance the religious aspects for all divides as especially when you’re in a city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

6. Staff

It may be a good idea to have several staff that will help in managing the party. For example, there should be people who will help in serving food, bartenders to serve drinks, staff to keep the place tidy and clean, chefs who'll do the cooking, and someone to oversee the whole party.

It's a bad idea to let all the work be done by one person or a few people. This could lead to confusion and frustration and in the end, a poor reception and a bad party.

7. Program

A well-organised party is one that has a well-detailed program of events. It shouldn’t look like a circus. Plan the party and all events that will take place including the start time and end time of each and who will do each part of the program. Create a detailed list of activities to be done and adhere to it as much as you can.

Make time for keynote speeches, specify the amount to be taken in meals, entertainment, and ensure everyone in the party knows the sequence of the activities to ease adherence. That way, you will have the party begin and end at a set time.

8. Security

It is of utmost importance that every corporate party has enough security since they can be a hot target for major criminals. With terrorism reports on the rise, and criminal activities increasing around the world, your party should be beefed up with security to mitigate such risks. However, Dubai is known for its stiff stringent security measures and that's an added advantage if you're looking to host your corporate party in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Reasons to have a professional catering service

i) They bring in the experience

Most catering services have been in the business for some time and know the ins and outs of the industry. As such, they will help you in solving major problems you may experience during planning such as planning for enough food, what to serve to the guests, arrangement and décor, and observing food hygiene and regulations. This saves the stress associated with all that.

ii) Delicious food

As stated earlier, it is the food that makes or breaks a party. Having a professional catering service handle your food will not only save you the embarrassment of having distasteful food, but also helping you manage the food and the serving to ensure no one misses a bite. They are also good at food presentation, ensuring a flavourful experience during mealtime.

iii) Save time

Preparing for the food takes a lot of time. Catering services have experience and catering tricks of the trade that will save you a lot of time. They have specialised staff that will see to it that the food is on the table on time. You wouldn't want your guests waiting for hours for food to be delivered, would you? Having them do the catering work while you focus on other important aspects can help you manage your time.

iv) Cleaning

Catering service companies do not leave your kitchen or place dirty. They help in cleaning out the area and picking up utensils and any leftovers, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the party. If the party was hosted in the company's premises, be rest assured they will leave the area sparkling clean as it was before the party.

In a bid to help you in executing a successful corporate party, one of the top catering companies in Dubai, Circle Cafe, can help you in planning and hosting your party. Aside from being known for its amazing menu and well-reviewed restaurants, it is also considered to offer the best corporate catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. They offer exquisite services and meals helping you bring out the best event for your business.


Hosting a corporate party can have a myriad of benefits to the company. From improving employees morale to improving its public image, corporate parties should be something you consider at least once in a year. However, hosting one is not an easy task, and that's why you need top catering companies in Dubai to do the task for you. They're affordable and will save you the stress associated with planning one. Circle Cafe is especially known for its delectable meals and its amazing corporate catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. If you're looking to host one, have us do the job for you. Contact us today and let us know your requirements. 

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