Your Dinner Choices: 23 Favourite Dishes Ordered Online from Circle Café

on 23rd Jul, 2019
When it comes to dinner in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, there are always plenty of options to choose from. This can make it challenging to settle for just one option. But on the other hand, it gives you the freedom to try something new every night. Dinner will never get boring and you will never have to eat the same dish two days in a row unless you really love it.

The dinner rush

Dinner can be a great way to try a new tasty experience and to bring unknown flavours in your life. Whether you decide to go for an exotic meal or opt for a healthier dinner option, the taste of dinner will always transport you to a different dimension – the dimension of savour and taste. So you should make it count every single time! And if you make the right choice, it will change help you end your day in an epic way.

Most Ordered Dishes from Circle Café – Perfect for Dinner in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

If you are trying to find the perfect dinner dish, one option would be to think about the ingredients you would like to be included in it. Your favourite flavours and tastes are the first step into finding the right plates. To get you started, here are the top dishes ordered online by Circle Café fans which can also be your best dinner choice. 

For the Love of Chicken – Top 10 Chicken Dishes

One of the basic ingredients we would recommend is chicken. It’s light and nutritious and it’s easily digested in a few hours. You should go to sleep with no problems at all after a chicken based-dinner. Below are some of our most in-demand chicken dishes you can devour during dinner time.
Mexican Chicken Salad

1. Mexican Chicken Salad
– This light dish is perfect if you want a healthy yet filling dinner. The tasty chicken bites and fresh vegetables will ensure that you will get the right amount of nutrients while enjoying a delicious mix of tastes and flavours. Also, the sour cream will add a moussy texture that will perfectly blend the ingredients into the perfect blend. Nevertheless, the spiced bagel chips are here to balance the dish and give it a crunchy twist, making it a favourite dish among the diners.
Crunchy Noodle Chicken Salad

2. Crunchy Noodle Chicken Salad
– If you are a noodle fan, then we have good news for you: noodles make a perfect dinner too. And together with some nuts, chicken and veggies will offer you a great and delicious experience that will make you have the sweetest dreams. The texture of these crunchy noodles together with the roasted almonds are a perfect mix that will take over your taste buds and turn your dinner into a memorable meal.

Fried Chicken Bowl
3. Fried Chicken Bowl
– Don’t be deceived by the simplicity of the name. This “hot” dish will set your mouth on fire and it’s not just because of the Jalapenos. Fried chicken and French fries are enough to make anyone drool, but this plate has more surprises for you. It comes with a mix of veggies that will balance the extra oils and add some quality to the plate, vitamin-
wise. Nevertheless, the spicy yoghurt will perfectly balance the juiciness of the fried ingredients, giving a whole new twist to your favourite meat.

Chicken and Avocado Sandwich

4. Chicken and avocado sandwich
is a quick option for those who want to have a quick dinner but still wish to enjoy quality food. This sandwich brings together the juicy grilled chicken with avocado, veggies and a delicious mayonnaise sauce. One bite will fill your mouth withcreamy deliciousness. This option is not just fast and tasty, but also healthy, featuring great sources of proteins and vitamins. No wonder it’s one of the most ordered dishes online.

Chicken Skewers on a White Plate

5. Chicken Skewers
are a perfect dinner that will definitely impress your company. The taste of the grilled chicken is perfectly complemented by flavoured fresh za’atar and saffron rice. These three ingredients can wrap your whole senses into a cloud of flavours that will make you drool for good. And on top of this, the cucumber yoghurt is a perfect addition that makes it stand out for its freshness and adds up to the mix of flavours.

Butter Chicken Curry

6. The Butter Chicken Curry
is a very juicy and spicy option for those of you who like it hot. The chunks of chicken meat prepared in a flavoured curry sauce will mix perfectly with the white rice and will ensure you end the day with a great meal. Also, the fresh cucumber yoghurt with parsley is there in order to help cool you down. Nevertheless, it’s a dish that should be never missed out if you’re up for a culture-rich, filling meal.

Walnut Chicken

7. Walnut Chicken
is a top option for people who long for a nutty flavour on their plate. The grilled chicken may be the main ingredient, but the star of this dish is definitely the red capsicum sauce. Served with mixed quinoa on a fresh flatbread, this recipe will enchant you with its grainy texture and delicate flavour.

Chicken Slider

8. Chicken Slider
is for those who enjoy a multitude of various tastes in one plate. The fried chicken and the iceberg lettuce are a great mix of freshness and taste. And together with the tomato jam, they can bring delight to your senses. But once you add some pickles and spicy yoghurt sauce, a full party starts in your mouth! So go on and give this combo a try and enjoy the deliciousness of a simple dish with a complex taste.

Katsu Chicken Curry

9. Katsu Chicken Curry
is the right dish if you want to impress someone with a special dinner. This Japanese style of curry chicken has a unique flavour that will help you leave a mark on any special night. The taste is perfectly accompanied by sweet carrots and some sticky rice which will add a heavier texture to the whole plate.

Boneless Roasted Chicken

10. Half Boneless Roasted Chicken
is a big plate if you have big dinner plans. Made up of half chicken, this dish is carefully prepared and seasoned with herbs and spices that fill your nostrils with its rich aroma. Served with aioli and peri-peri sauce, it will leave you long-lasting memories of a delicious dinner. And for some extra taste and carbs, it comes with either
sweet or regular fries to make up a whole plate of tastiness. 

These dishes make up for that perfect dinner in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. But if you prefer something even lighter than chicken, we can recommend you some veggie choices that will help you have a more healthy evening.

Cutting Down on the Meat

The next selection features a series of our most-loved dishes for those who love veggies, with or without the meat. These are good starters for those who are trying to reduce their meat intake by having lesser meat on their plates or by having a great and satisfying alternative.

Italian Salad11. The Italian Salad is a great option for the evenings when you want to end your diet day triumphantly. This mix of fresh veggies with avocado, topped with chicken, is a great way to make sure you get a healthy, yet very tasty meal. And the Italian dressing helps to link all the different flavours into one delicious bite. Nevertheless, the sliced almonds give a delicate nutty tint that gives some versatility to this whole dish.

Goat Cheese Salad

12. The Goat Cheese Salad
is a great vegetarian option if you want to skip meat in the evenings. The delicious, aromatic goat cheese is perfectly balanced with fresh vegetables and pesto sauce. Nevertheless, in this whole mix the walnuts stand out for their crunchiness and they emphasize even more the soft texture of the cheese that melts in your mouth while you enjoy an explosion of flavours.
Caesar Salad

13. Caesar Salad
– Old but gold, this salad never gets out of fashion. The Romaine lettuce will make you feel the power of green on your plate and the freshness it brings with it. Also, the turkey bacon strips will always be a tasty addition, no matter what you chose to put on your plate. Together with some bagel chips and parmesan, this dish will leave you with a light feeling of having eaten a delicious green and healthy plate.

Kale Caramelised Pecan Nuts and Goats Cheese Salad

14. Kale, Caramelized Pecan Nuts and Goats Cheese Salad
is another green goodie that you can add on your dinner table. With a big variety of greens, this dish is practically spring on a plate. The crusty caramelized pecan nuts go together perfectly with the kale, baby spinach and rocca, leaving you with a sweet and fresh taste. Together with some creamy goat cheese, this recipe will thrill your senses and give you a light boost for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, this comes with Italian Dressing which will coat the ingredients with a subtle flavour.

Family Salad from Circle Cafe

15. The Family Salad
is perfect for all ages. The fresh mix of lettuces and veggies balances perfectly the mozzarella and grilled chicken in order to ensure a healthy meal, for any type of dietary requirement. And the taste is delicate and so delicious that even the pickiest of the little ones would be pleased to have this salad for dinner.

Breakfast Bowl from Circle Cafe

16. Last but not least, if you really want to try something special, you can go crazy and get a Breakfast Bowl for dinner. It sounds as bold as the taste of its delicious ingredients. This bowl brings together a mix of great tastes such as falafel, halloumi and avocado, which are emphasized by the spinach and kale Pesto. Also, the texture of quinoa brings a great twist to the dish, and the poached eggs are also a perfect way to make sure that all the ingredients are nicely blended under a saucy binder.

Go, Go, Vegans!

With all the health and vegan trends going around the country and the whole world, there’s no doubt why more and more people are diving into the craze. So if something healthy is the way you end your day, then you definitely must try these top vegan options.
Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad

17. Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad
is perfect for a super-light dinner that will leave you satisfied and filled. The fresh and juicy ingredients fit perfectly with the quinoa, and the sweet and sour pomegranate seeds enhance even more the fresh flavour of this dish.

Super Bowl from Circle Cafe

18. The Super Bowl
- This mix of fresh vegetables, flavoured falafel and hummus, avocado and Cajun bagel chips will, for sure, leave a lasting impression. And all these unique ingredients are brought together with a delicious honey and soy dressing, wrapping up the flavours and bringing them together under the umbrella of deliciousness. Who says vegan food is boring now?

Something fishy

But there is another healthy option that you can take into account if you are planning a tasty, yet responsible dinner and that option is fish. Fish is always praised for its health benefits, so maybe it’s time to give it a try. Let’s start with salmon.
New York Salmon Sandwich

19. New York Salmon sandwich
is a luscious option which features smoked salmon. The smoked flavour gives a nice and sweet tint to this dish and the texture of the salmon will, for sure stand out among the other ingredients. Together with the fresh vegetables, the lemon zest will also help add more flavour to the fish and delight your taste buds.
Salmon Teriyaki

20. Salmon Teriyaki
is a unique dish where the flavour of the grilled salmon is enhanced by the Japanese Teriyaki sauce. The sugary taste of the sauce complements the juicy taste of the grilled fish leaving us with a juicy, delicious experience. Nevertheless, the dry brown rice and fried leaks will help balance the other juicy ingredients and will bring the right amount of carbs on the plate.

Salmon Sashimi Bowl

21. Salmon Sashimi bowl
is one of the freshest options you can get and it will definitely help you get pumped for the last part of the day. The fresh sushi meat together with the vegetables and the avocado will ensure a crisp and cool experience. The honey soy dressing will add some extra flavour that will turn this dish into one of the best dining options you ever tried.

For Your Sweet Tooth

Whether you want to crown the success of a delicious dinner with a dessert, or just give up the whole meal in exchange for a sweet plate, we will surely help you find the best cakes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
4 Layer Chocolate Cake

22. 4 Layer Chocolate Cake
is an epic dessert that will make any dinner pale in comparison. And if you are on your “cheat day”, why not make this awesome piece of cake give you a sugar fix. The mousy texture of the chocolate will melt in your mouth, unleashing an explosion of sweetness, leaving you wanting for more.
Oreo Mousse from Circle Cafe

23. Oreo mousse
is a dessert based on the beloved biscuits that have conquered the hearts of the people of all ages. The chocolate mousse and cream cheese both help to create a unique texture that will fill your mouth and wrap your taste buds in a deliciously sweet experience. For some, Oreo mousse is enough to fill their tummies all through the night!

So, Which Dinner Dish is on your List Tonight?

If all these dishes already made you hungry, don’t forget that you can easily order from Circle Café, which is considered as one of the best restaurants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Whether you want chicken or salad for dinner, or something completely vegan, you can always order food online. We always ensure to give our diners the best options when it comes to healthy food in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. So if your goal is to prepare the perfect dinner, take a look at the top picks we have prepared for you and let us deliver them straight to your doors. So, just relax and enjoy your special evening while we do the cooking.

For more dinner options in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, check our menu and order online from Circle Café.