It's More Fun at Circle Cafe this Ramadan 2019!

on 05th May, 2019
Ramadan 2019 Party Catering Menu

The time for gratitude

Now that Ramadan is here, we all have to be more careful with our eating habits. This holy month is a time when our community shares the common values of humbleness and empathy towards the less fortunate. It is a period of time which is meant for reflection and meditation, gratitude and appreciation of our lives as well as acknowledgment of how fortunate we are to be able to enjoy these lives the way they are; how fortunate we are for everything we have, things that on a daily basis we might consider as normal.

During this month, sharing a meal is more important than ever. It will bring together on the same table all the people who are dearest to us and it will help us better connect with those around. And this is precisely why we at Circle Café has decided to offer something exciting in line to the occasion. While Suhoor might be a more intimate meal, one that you share only with your family, Iftar is an occasion to bring everyone together and celebrate the holy month as a community.

Ramadan Party Catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Though it might be seen as a bit of a stretch to call the Iftar meetings parties, we think that party is a word that describes good times spent together with friends and family and this is exactly what these shared meals are supposed to be. If you want to make sure your company enjoys the best dishes fit to be consumed during the holy month, Circle Café is your best bet. Our Ramadan menu was adapted specifically for these parties and the food which is to be served is delicious and fresh. And on top of this, if you prefer to have the food prepared at home, we can, for sure, make it happen.

At Circle Café, not only we provide a full Ramadan food menu, but we also give the option to hire a chef for your house or workplace. Whether you want the food to be cooked behind scenes or you prefer to make it part of the entertaining program, our chefs can deliver it under any circumstances you prefer. This way you can make sure your party has the best food, prepared on the spot, but also some entertainment, if needed. Not to mention that, if you decide to have an Iftar sushi party, we can provide you with some of the best sushi chefs and set for you a Sushi Counter Live station. This means you will have your own chefs to prepare any kind of sushi you want, on the spot. Similarly, we can provide you with other live station options such as Pizza or Pasta, BBQ, Shawarma, fries and or slider, or even a Salad Live Station. You can also choose to have a Breakfast Live Station for dinner! Whichever you choose, the food will be prepared in front of you so you can ensure freshness and taste at your fingertips.

What options are available for Ramadan Party Catering?

Full Dinner Options for Iftar Catering

The menu holds a big variety of full dishes, as well as little appetizers. If you want full dinner plates served straight to your dinner table, you can try some of the dishes found on our main course menu. Some of the available options are:

Circle Style Shawarma
  • The Circle Style Shawarma – a flatbread that includes spiced chicken with pickles, hummus and tahini with Arabic bread and a portion of delicious fries which can be either regular or sweet potatoes.

Salmon Teriyaki
  • The Salmon Teriyaki is a full dish that keeps a light stomach. It features grilled salmon, teriyaki sauce and brown rice with fried leeks. It’s a perfect dinner for those who don’t like going to sleep too full yet still enjoy a nice, big meal.

Chicken Skewers
  • Chicken Skewer is served together with fresh za’atar salad, saffron rice and cucumber yoghurt for some extra freshness. 

Try Big Bowls for Ultra-Filling Ramadan Parties

Another dinner option is choosing some of our bowls which will ensure a healthy, yet filling meal for you and your loved ones.

  • Fried Chicken BowlFried Chicken is a dish that combines the tastiness of the fried chicken with Asian slaw and avocado, for a boost of nutrients, also with fries and some spicy yoghurt and jalapenos. It can provide a meal that even though might seem unhealthy, can still provide both the taste and health benefits. 

Chili Con Carne Bowl
  • Chili con carne might be a more special way of enjoying Iftar, but every now and then, you can give it a little spin and try something new. The spiciness of the beef is perfectly balanced by the sour cream and the avocado. The cheese, together with the steamed rice and coriander, are more than enough carbs to keep your body going through the whole month. 

  • Tuna PokeTuna Poke is a great choice if you want to still eat healthy, even during Ramadan. This fresh dish made of tuna sashimi, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, avocados and quinoa and some coriander, basil and Asian dressing for flavour, will help you keep your health in check.

Katsu Chicken
  • Katsu Curry is another enjoyable dish that will make your taste buds thrill. The Japanese style chicken curry mixes perfectly with carrots and steamed rice in order to give you an unforgettable Iftar experience.

  • Thai Green CurryThai Green Curry is a delicious plate that will fill you with the right amount of healthy food – chicken, freshly cooked eggplant and zucchini with coconut curry and quinoa. The perfect ingredients that can offer your dinner a unique flavour. 

Butter Chicken Curry
  • Butter Chicken Curry is a simple type of chicken curry, served with rice and cucumber yoghurt. But do not be fooled by the simplicity of this dish, for its taste is one that will blow you away!

Green Iftar

If you want to try a “greener” approach in order to celebrate this holy month, Circle Café also has prepared various vegan options for you.
  • Cauliflower and BBQ Chickpea FlatbreadCauliflower and BBQ Chickpea is a dish that brings together the delicious taste of the roasted cauliflower with chickpeas bbq. And, for extra taste as a side dish, spiced fried onions and avocado served on crisp brown Arabic bread. 

  • Pumpkin and Tomatillo with Roasted AlmondsPumpkin and Tomatilla is a dish made of roasted pumpkin, tomatillos and mixed quinoa, with coconut milk as a binder of all ingredients, as well as fresh almonds giving the whole dish a nutty flavour. 

  • The Vegan SandwichLast but not least, the Vegan Sandwich. The slow cooked mushrooms mixed with the Italian parsley and the garlic will bring joy to anyone who’ll have it. Nevertheless, the tomatoes are a great ingredient that will bring a fresh flavour to every bite. 

Sharing is Caring – Mini Platters

Circle Cafe PlattersIf what you have in mind is preparing an Iftar gathering where you want to invite the entire family, with all its generations, then we have prepared something perfect for this special event. The mini platters are little delicious bites that will fit perfectly as part of your Iftar home gathering. The small dishes are a way of keeping the party filled with delicious options. They are the perfect size, especially for the most gourmand of your guests who would easily exchange a full plate for other small options of various dishes. This way you can share with your guests a lot of different tastes.

You can choose from a variety of options: the falafel in mini Arabic bread, the Circle shawarma in mini Arabic bread or the walnut chicken in wrap bread. But this is not all. When it comes to small bites we have prepared a whole menu for you! You can also try the mini open-faced sandwiches. This plate includes 24 mini portions with various selections. For the chicken lovers, we have chicken tikka and chicken avo, for the cheese lovers we prepared fresh mozzarella and brie cheese, and last but not least, the tuna mayo option for those who want to make sure they don’t lack any omega 3. The mini bun platter, on the other hand, is made of 16 sandwiches of three varieties: beef slider, fried chicken slider and halloumi slider.

If you or your company has a sweet tooth, then this next section is fit for you! The mini platters can also include 12 sandwiches with Labneh, Nutella, Hallawa, Peanut butter, Jam or mixes such as Hallawa and Nutella or Nutella and Banana. Also the mini assorted croissants are a great way to provide some sweet snacks for your guests, and you can have them plain, with cheese, za’tar, or chocolate.

To keep the balance for those who prefer the healthy choices, we can prepare for your unique party some mini fruit skewers that will provide the dose of fructose with no additional calories. You can also find other desserts available at Circle Café, such as Oreo Lazy Cake, Four Layer Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Fudge Butter Cream, Banana Bread and many more. These can come either in full cakes, in one portion, or little mini bites that will enchant your guests and give them the opportunity to try as many varieties as possible.

And last but not least, if you decide to have an Iftar party and to order from our Ramadan food menu, our staff will be working with you closely to customise the most suitable menu for your event. We believe that every client has unique needs and that is why we are more than happy to get in touch with you and prepare fully customised dishes that will please you and your guests.

Keeping the Iftar Intimate

On the other hand, if your favourite way of enjoying Iftar is by having a calm nice dinner with only a few close loved ones, you can always order from our menu the regular dishes and enjoy a night in a calm, serene atmosphere. Whether you prefer salads instead of a heavy meal, we’ve got you covered. Our menu includes a big variety of salads that will fit perfectly with your mood or needs. We have any type of salad you would want – from Quinoa Tabbouleh to Caesar, Mexican, Halloumi, Falafel or even Steak salad. Just take a look on our menu and pick your favourite. You can even have an Iftar salad gathering, and order various options of mini salads to share with your company.

The Iftar, even though it’s a moment of rejoicing together with your loved ones, it doesn’t have to be a daunting experience for those in charge. This is why we’ve made sure to prepare for you as many options as we thought you might need in order to set a perfect Iftar meal and enjoy this year’s Ramadan.

Extra Delicious Offer for Ramadan Party Catering

We believe that in special moments such as Ramadan, it is important for communities to come together and for the people to gather and celebrate with their loved ones. This is why we have decided to give 30% discount to those who take the bold step of organising an Iftar gathering.

Setting up such a gathering is no easy task. You must make sure you have enough food for everyone and, nevertheless, manage to make everybody happy with what is on the table. With this discount, you can order all the goodies you want and make sure even the pickiest of your nephews will enjoy at least one of the dishes prepared. There is nothing more important than sharing and spending quality time with your family, so gather up your loved ones and remind them how much it means to be together in such a special moment.

So, don’t forget that Circle Café can make this special time more unique and fun moment for you, if you let us. Whether you opt for a Live Counter where our best chefs will prepare a delicious show, a chill gathering with tons of mini bites ready to be tasted or just an intimate meeting where you enjoy some sushi and salads, make sure you get the best catering in Dubai.
Stop postponing that perfect Iftar gathering! Ramadan is here and if you miss your chance this year, you will have to wait for another to finally do it. Plan ahead and be prepared for the best Iftar experience yet for your family and friends.

Enquire about our Ramadan catering today or check our menu and place your bets on which dishes to include on your Iftar table. Whichever you choose, it’ll surely be a hit.
And from Circle Café, we wish you all a joyous and peaceful Ramadan!