Try the New Taste of Circle Cafe

on 18th Jun, 2019
At Circle Cafe, we like to keep it rolling, always moving. Therefore, we have prepared for you new plates to take you out of the routine and bring a new flavour on your plate. These new tastes are an explosion of health, perfectly seasoned for any kind of new diet or lifestyle you might want to try in order to reach your ideal summer body. You can either enjoy them at Circle Cafe or order your food online and enjoy them at home.

The One Click Away Goodies: Order Online!

sausage and egg dish from Circle Cafe

1. Sausage and egg –
Maybe you prefer to enjoy a good piece of sausage in the morning. Then you can start your day with some fried egg and two sausage patties put together in some soft potato bun bread. For a tint of freshness, we’ve added tomatoes on a side, with spiced potatoes and mayo. This dish is full of delicious carbs and it will get you a kick start. You can try it in the morning, evening, afternoon or whenever you need your energy boosted.

Sausage Egg Wrap - New Dish from Circle
2. The signature egg wrap –
This wrap embodies the perfect ingredients for a creamy, mouthwatering experience. It is made of avocado with tomato salsa and creamy sauce, in one tortilla bread, served with fried eggs and two hashbrowns. It’s a dish that will slowly melt in your mouth and it will wake up all of your senses from the very first bite. If you are the type of person that needs a lot of motivation in the morning to get out of bed, then a delivery of the signature egg wrap is the most efficient alarm for you!

Poke Bowl with Fresh Tuna or Salmon Dish3. Poke bowl (with fresh tuna or salmon)
A light bowl that brings on your plate the perfect type of calories, if what you’re aiming for is keeping track of your food intake and lose some of that extra weight for the summer. This is a great, healthy mix of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, spring onions, hijiki salad and avocado. This fine blend comes together in a bowl with crispy kale, fried onions and edamame. And to make sure it will have a unique flavour, some extra takuwan, sesame, sundried tomatoes were added. On top of this, a mix of nuts and seeds and ceviche dressing are in charge of flavouring and spicing up the whole plate. There is literally nothing more you could wish for.

New Garden Salad from Circle Cafe
4. Garden salad –
If the Poke bowl is not light enough for you, then we have another option: a green salad that will make you feel in your best shape! With the freshness of the iceberg lettuce, red radish, fennel, cucumber and artichoke is completed, with an extra boost of proteins provided by green olives and avocado, your body will be grateful for such fuel! And on top of this, you will get the Dijonette dressing, to flavour up your veggies. With this salad, you can keep your diet on track and, at the same time, your taste buds happy.

Freekeh Salad from Circle Cafe
5. Freekeh salad –
How freaky would it be to choose a salad only for the taste and not because you’re on a diet? Try this mix of freekeh, flat parsley, spring onions and Rocca, and you will see that is just as good as any other slice of pizza or wrap you’ve had. And a lot healthier! Nevertheless, the pomegranate seeds and the red chilli, served with citronette dressing will give a refreshing flavour which will fill you up with energy and good, summery vibes. If you want an energy pill to get you motivated and excited, this is your best bet.

Spicy Shrimp Curry - New Dish from Circle Cafe
6. Spicy shrimp curry –
If you’re into challenges and hot stuff, this is the right dish to go for. The red Thai curry will wrap the shrimp in the most delicious and fishy flavour. And in order to help you cool down after the spicy explosion of taste, you get the fresh cherry tomatoes and green beans, together with some eggplants. The extra flavour is provided by some curry leaves and coconut rice. This is, for sure, a great dish to try this summer that will set your day on fire and leave a long-lasting memory (that’s for sure!).

Boneless Roasted Chicken from Circle Cafe7. Half boneless roasted chicken –
This is for the moments when you are looking for a meal that will fill up your belly with goodness. The chicken is cooked in a peri, Mediterranean style, which ensures that the best taste and juiciness of the meat will be preserved. It can be served with various side dishes such as mashed potatoes, low carb cauliflower mash, brown rice, garden salad or fries – regular French fries or sweet potato fries. Nevertheless, the last touch of the dish is the sauce, which can be either garlic sauce or peri-peri sauce. A great meal to offer to both your body and your taste buds. After trying it, you will be both happier and packed full of energy, ready to take on the world.

Waffle with Caramelised bananas and caramel syrup from Circle Cafe

8. Waffles –
For a romantic and tasty breakfast in bed which none of you has to prepare; this sweet and delicious dish is made with caramelised bananas and Greek yoghurt and some sweet caramel syrup on top. It will, for sure, make your day sweeter and better by giving you a boost from the first moments of the day.

If what you’re looking for is some new tastes in matters of healthy food delivery in Dubai, you can enjoy any of the dishes mentioned above. You can order them at the Circle Cafe restaurants or order them online. And since they are so healthy and tasty, they can make up for a perfect meal, and help bring more energy in any working environment. The good news is that these are also offered in corporate catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, enabling you to have the best breakfast and lunch experience even at work. So break the daily routine and offer yourself a treat – order these new dishes online today!

The Supremacy of the Veggie – For Veg Lovers

Having nice full meals is great, but having healthy yet enjoyable dishes is better!

Here is our selection created particularly for those who like to pay attention to the food they eat.

Vegan scrambled with fresh vegetables from Circle Cafe
1. Vegan scrambled –
If you think it’s time to give vegan food a try, then this is the best dish to start with. It features scrambled tofu and a mix of fresh vegetables, seasoned with onion and garlic. They come on a sourdough which wraps them all up in a fresh and healthy mix. The scrambled tofu is a great replacement if you are bored of the same eggs every day and want some variety on your plate. You can have it in the morning or as a fast snack, and it will always fill you up with the right energy.

Veggie Sandwich from Circle Cafe
2. The veggie sandwich
This one is for all the veggie and cheese lovers out there who want to enjoy a tasty and light sandwich. Hummus, goat cheese and tomato compote is the basis of the dish. Additionally, some grilled vegetables will ensure you have the right portion of vitamins you need on a daily basis. Eggplant, courgette, onions, portobello mushrooms and onions are the healthy stars of the sandwich. And, nevertheless, some herbs are responsible for the extra flavour. This sandwich is perfect if you want a healthy, yet filling snack in between meals.

3. Mudardara – A boom of vegetal proteins on a plate. Green lentils and rice topped with fried onions – a simple yet efficient dish to pump you up with the right amount of proteins and carbs that will keep you active for the next hours. For some extra freshness, you get some cabbage salad on the side. Also, it’s a great way to make sure you get the daily dose of iron to keep your energy level up.

So if you wanna go for some greens for health reasons or not, these dishes are meant to fill your plate and your tummies with fresh goodness.

All these options mentioned above can both be ordered online or at Circle’s Abu Dhabi and Dubai cafes. If you feel like having some healthy food delivered to your door, just try our healthy food delivery in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and order one of the new dishes available on our menu.

Playing Hard-to-Get Dishes

It’s easy to just press a button or pick up a phone, make an order then have your food delivered at your doorsteps. But you should definitely make a visit to Circle Café to try some of these “restaurant only” dishes. You will not be disappointed!

Pink Beetroot Hummus and Avocado from Circle Cafe

1. Pink beetroot hummus and avocado –
This dish comes with sliced avocado and a mix of seeds, all on sourdough bread. It makes a great and healthy breakfast if you want to feel like your day started in the right way.

2. Zucchini and eggplant chips –
If you want to have some chips but are tired of the same old taste of the potato chips, you can always come by and enjoy some deep fried coated zucchini, with eggplant and tahini sauce. These are definitely a new take to your regular chips that will break the cycle and bring a new flavour to your palates. So come and bring your friends to enjoy while having some quality time together.

Vegan Poke Bowl from Circle Cafe3. Vegan poke bowl –
If you ever find yourself looking for a healthy Dubai café in order to get a good meal, you are always welcome at Circle Café to enjoy this tasty, vegan bowl. It’s made with fried tofu which can be mixed with either brown rice or a fresh mix of greens. And just like the regular Poke bowl, it comes with a huge selection of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, spring onion and seaweed salad. On top of that, you get some edamame and fried onions seasoned with the delicious takuwan. For some extra fibre, crunchy nuts and a mix of seeds were added to the dish, and all are bound with a tasty ceviche dressing.

Beetroot Risotto from Circle Cafe

4. Beetroot risotto –
This dish is aimed at those who really like this pink veggie. The beetroot risotto is for sure a must try when it comes to beetroot-related recipes. It is a simple and healthy dish that will fill you up with the best kind of calories and energy. The flavour of this vegetable is mixed with goat cheese and completed further by the fresh, wild Rocca. The simple, yet amazing mix will surely charm you from the first bites.

Lasagna from Circle Cafe5. Lasagna – Another delicious new recipe from Circle Café menu is our own take to lasagna, which is a must try if you’re anywhere in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The ground beef is cooked in tomato sauce in order to keep a juicy texture and a sweet taste. Other important components of this dish are the béchamel sauce and the cheese, which, together, will turn your plate in an explosion of taste and flavours. The texture is firm and juicy, giving you a full experience that will tickle all of your senses. So, if you are looking for some kind of Italian adventure to make your dinner in Dubai memorable, you should definitely go for this.

6. Open-faced vegan burger – It might be the last on the list, but it should be the first on your must-try dishes. This burger is a great option if you want a fast snack, but still an enjoyable, filling experience. Made with a vegan burger patty and a selection of fresh vegetables such as iceberg lettuce, tomato slices, fried onions and fresh avocados. For some extra proteins and extra flavour, we’ve added some Portobello mushrooms and the creamy part is ensured by some vegan mayo and coconut gravy.

These dishes are best served in the first moments after cooking. This is why they are available in the restaurants only and not for delivery. Therefore, we made sure that you will be able to enjoy these new dishes in the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of one of our restaurants.

Are you ready to try Circle Cafe’s New and Exciting Menu?

The new dishes are meant to be a breath of fresh air in your food escapade. If you plan on having an afternoon break with your friends after work, or maybe start the day with a nice healthy breakfast outside your home, you can join us at Circle Café to try our new menu. A mix of tradition and innovation, these dishes are a great combination of the old tastes, adapted and served in a modern way to fit the ever-changing tastes of the UAE foodies. So whether you are a meat lover or a vegan one, an “all-you-can-eat” kind of dinner or one on a strict regime, the complexity of our menu will cover any of these special requirements, giving you and your group a satisfying dining experience.

Check out our new menu today and make sure to plan your next meals. And don’t forget that with Circle Café, you can enjoy the best healthy food delivery in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Leave your inhibitions and fear of new tastes behind and try the new taste of Circle Café for a new adventure every day. Order online or pick up your phone to call in for some tasty treats.