20 Nutritious and Filling Breakfast Dishes around the Globe : How the World Starts the Day

on 27th Feb, 2020
Image of Different Breakfast Dishes such as Waffles, Eggs, Pancakes, Juices and Coffee
Are you a hardcore food lover who thinks about breakfast ideas that are healthy yet tasty? You are not alone.

Millions of people around the world are in a quandary about what to eat when the sun comes up...

Waking up early in the morning and preparing breakfast might not be your thing. In that case, having a reliable breakfast delivery service in Dubai would come in handy for you.

What should be in the main breakfast meal?
What tickles your fancy - A savoury egg wrap, a sweet pancake from the English breakfast menu or a satisfying bowl of idli sambhar from South India? The list is unending ranging from East Asia, Australia to the Middle East and America.

Read on and don’t let hunger strike you!

Good Looking & Heavenly Tasting Breakfast Meals around the World:


1. Australia

Ever wondered what Australians love to have for their breakfast? Well, it’s hard for them to choose because they have so many options! Ranging from sweet soggy cereal to Aussie meat pies, (which people generally like to have at home as a quick breakfast recipe) to what is best enjoyed in restaurants, such as eggs Florentine and Avocado on Toast.

We always crave to try out new delicacies served around the world. Having a Breakfast delivery option in Dubai has made it easier for you to give Australian breakfast meals a shot. You can try out some delicious bacon pie, sausage and eggs, because these are included in most menus. If you want to make it healthier, you can switch the meat with greens.
You just have to make a cup of coffee and you are all set for the day hustle.

2. Brazil

Brazilians like to have a light breakfast because they eat a substantial amount of food during lunch. Bread cheese (also known as Pão de Queijo) with a cup of coffee is an absolute favourite breakfast combo among the locals. Skillet toasted French bread rolls (pão na chapa) is another popular delicacy among Brazilians. Healthy? Yes, and tasty too!

3. Cambodia

What do Cambodians like to have in their typical breakfast? Guess what you will be eating in the morning! A lot of delicious fried rice. They have lots of greens, chicken, and stir fry dishes. They also have Kuy Teav, which is a rice noodle soup, served with a lot of vegetables and meat. They also have backpacker special toast and omelettes. It’s definitely packed with all the nutrients you need for the day!

4. Poland

A Polish breakfast menu is generally called śniadanie. Their typical breakfast consists of scrambled eggs topped with some tantalising kielbasa, which is a type of sausage and you get to try it out with some delectable potato pancakes. All these combined are filling and they do taste great. It makes for a satifying and an oh-so-delicious breakfast treat.

east-china-breakfast-rice-with-vegetable soup

5. Eastern China

Now let’s move to Asia. Eastern Chinese people love to have a hearty meal. A typical breakfast includes rice with vegetable soups, some dumplings, a few fried sponge cakes, porridge, and the mouth-watering steamed creamy custard bun. Everything simply smells yummy and tastes great!


6. Yemen

One of the most popular breakfast dishes from Yemen is shakshuka. This is basically a dish that includes some poached eggs topped with tomato sauce. Not just this, a Yemeni breakfast normally consists of pastries and drinks such as coffee and tea. It may sound simple but once you start eating, this cuisine will grow on you! Foodies can try Circle Café’s shakshuka with our own signature tomato, red pepper and chili salsa. Yum yum!

7. United Kingdom

The morning breakfast of British people will leave you wanting to try it again and again.This meal will include some cereals, toasts, fruits, teas, juices, and you can skip the tea with coffee if you like.

But, if you would like to have a rather traditional delicacy, then get ready for some Full English Breakfast. It consists of fried eggs, bacon, tomatoes, sausages, baked beans and black pudding. It’s so good yet you can make your own variation of this already-satisfying dish by adding your favourite meat or greens.

Learn more about the Full English Breakfast here.


8. Iran

An Iranian breakfast plate will let you experience simplicity at its finest. It consists of sweet black tea, butter with bread, feta cheese, and sometimes, fruits and nuts are included too. You can never say no to an Iranian breakfast because it is so light and yet so delicious.

9. Indonesia

A typical Indonesian meal consists of rice. This could be in the form of porridge and fried rice. Nasi Goreng, which means fried rice, is cooked with meat and veggies, served with fried eggs. They are so delicious that you don’t need anything else on your plate! That’s how good it is!


10. Japan

Do you know that a Japanese breakfast will confuse you with having dinner or lunch? Well, yes, because they believe in having breakfast like a king. So, you can either have Wafuu, which is a traditional Japanese breakfast or Youfuu, which is the western version. Wafuu consists of miso soup, fish, rice, nori seaweed, and sticky soy beans, whereas Youfuu has salad, potatoes, coffee, eggs, and buttered toast. Whichever you choose, your tummy will surely be happy and full.

11. El Salvador

El Salvador has delicious meals with cheese and meat that one can enjoy. The Pupusas Revueltas is one of the most delectable breakfast plates you can have. These are tiny corn-based flat breads, which will be filled with cheese and pupusas, chicharron, and some beans. You can also pair it up with tomato sauce and vinegar-soaked coleslaw to complete the Salvadoran breakfast experience.


12. Lebanon

The most popular breakfast in Lebanon is Manakish. It is a flatbread which is flavoured with za’atar or with cheese and it is often served with tomatoes. If you feel like sipping on some tea or coffee for breakfast, you can add this to your order too.


13. Malaysia

The favoured breakfast in Malaysia is Nasi Lemak. This breakfast is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, making it not only look good but smell good too! Then as a side dish, they serve cucumber slices, peanuts, hard-boiled eggs, and a few little dried fish. You can find a lot of variations of the dish so you can choose what suits you best.

14. Nigeria

Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of the day in Nigeria and it has a lot of variations and changes from tribe to tribe. However, the most commonly found breakfast in Nigeria is Yoruba, which includes Akara and Ogi. These are basically cornmeal and bean cakes. They can also be served with some yam and fried eggs and fried plantain. They are usually quick and easy to prepare – you can even try making them at your home too!

Moroccan-Breakfast15. Morocco

People in Morocco prefer starting their day with something sweet – bread with olive oil, dates, honey and jams. On the side, Turkish coffee served with some mint is your way to go.

16. Vietnam

The Vietnamese breakfast is an absolute favourite, not that all of the above are not, but there is something about the Vietnamese breakfast, which makes it extra special. One unique feature of their breakfast is their lack of dairy products. Their meals are also savoury with some pickled vegetables, marinated meat and spicy chilli peppers. Some of the most popular breakfast dishes include pork and beef broth called Pho and Banh Mi a delicious sandwich with crispy bread crusts and a rich meat stuffing. So if you’re looking for a nutritious breakfast inspiration, you should never leave out these Vietnamese delicacies.

17. Venezuela

The typical breakfast for Venezuela residents is Arepa, which is a flat corn cake. Yoru arepas will be filled with ham, cheese, fish or chicken. However, during the weekends, people like to have a more filling meal. You can add white cheese, a lot of vegetables, avocados and scrambled eggs - and there you have your own arepa!

Romanians like to have tomatoes, cheese, milk, home-made breads with some butter for breakfast. And if you would like, you can skip butter with fresh jams. Simple yet delectable!

18. Romania

Romanians like to have tomatoes, cheese, milk, home-made breads with some butter for breakfast. And if you would like, you can skip butter with fresh jams. Simple yet delectable! South-Indian-Breakfast

19. South India

India is a diverse country and what is even fascinating is that different parts of this country like to have different dishes for breakfast. Southern Indian breakfasts for example consists of some tasty idlis with sambar. Sambar is a vegetable stew and idlis are fluffy rice bread. Some might even ask for dosa, which is a thin crunchy crepe and can be served with a spicy potato filling inside. Tempted? Who wouldn’t be?

20. Turkey

Turkey has some absolutely delicious local cheese, breads, olives, fresh fruits, pastries, kaymak, sucuk and also some veggies for breakfast. If you would like to have more, don’t shy away to include some home-made jam and omelettes. One must-try breakfast dish is Menemen, and trust us on this, you’ll definitely love it!

What people in the UAE like to have for breakfast?

UAE, the hub for thousands of expats, offers so many dishes for breakfast. Yes, of course, you can try ordering healthy food via delivery in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, but other than that you can also dine in restaurants that serve cuisines from around the world like Philippines, India, America, Japan, Italy, France and more. You can also find traditional Emirati food available which you can’t miss. Here are some of the dishes that you must try for breakfast:

● Balaleat

This one is a traditional breakfast dish, which tastes sweet and salty. What you should know is that Balaleat can also be served as a dessert. It will include eggs and vermicelli. And on top, you can have cinnamon, cardamom, orange blossoms, saffron and some pistachios too.

● Khuzi

Khuzi, if you aren’t already aware, it is the national dish of UAE. This delicious meal includes roasted mutton or lamb, and rests on top of rice, with some fruits and vegetables.

● Shakshouka

Shakshouka is a delicious dish that you can have for breakfast. This dish will include poached eggs with some chilli peppers and tomato sauce, and it will also include some spices, such as cumin, cayenne pepper, paprika and some nutmeg.

● Foul Moudamas

If you want to order  healthy food via delivery in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, then you should think about foul moudamas. This dish is basically boiled dried fava beans, which are mixed with some spices and chopped vegetables. It is slowly cooked and served with some onions and tomatoes. If you like you can order some add-ons too, which can be anything from boiled eggs, avocado, bread, grilled halloumi, and more.

● Grilled Halloumi Bagel

This tasty breakfast is simply delicious. It includes some grilled halloumi, cucumber, and some fresh za’atar. Boiled eggs, feta, bread, capsicum, avocado, and chilies can also be your add-ons!

● Luqaimat

Luqaimat are crunchy dumplings. They are soaked in a sweet syrup or honey, then served along with dibbs, which are sticky date syrup. They taste salty and sweet at the same time and is definitely a breakfast dessert must-try!

Don’t droll, order breakfast!

After learning all these marvelous breakfasts from across the globe, we are sure you must be drooling by now. If you’d like to battle hunger and are looking to order online, check out our amazing breakfast and other options that will not only tempt your palates but will surely satisfy those hungry tummies too! So, browse through our menu and order the most tempting dish you can find. Don’t worry, they are all so good!