The Perfect Party Catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (The Absolute Guest-pleaser)

on 05th Aug, 2018
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Introduction: The Perfect Corporate Catering Event in Abu Dhabi

In a country where the culture surrounding food and social gatherings have been changing rapidly, the way in which you approach something as simple as catering for your party has to change too. If you want to throw a party to remember, then you will need to use the right caterer and serve the amazing foods that will have people talking about your party long after everybody has gone home. You need to enlist the services of a professional in party catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

So what makes the perfect party? Well, different people will have different ideas as to what makes a party pop. The one thing that all good parties have in common though is that they have great food for their guests. Providing your guests with great food though is not as easy as it sounds. Gone are the days of making the food yourself. If you really want to make an impression, you will leave that job to one of the top catering companies in Dubai. There are now companies like Circle Café who specialise in the type of catering that every party needs, whether that is full catering or just the delivery of luscious canapes for example.

Whatever way you decide to have your party catered, it cannot be denied that this is fast becoming one of the most important things to think about when you are planning a party. A party without a good caterer stands a great chance of failure before the first guest has even arrived. So you definitely need a caterer to help your party be as amazing as it is possible to be. But, which one? With so many caterers to choose from, it can be difficult to know who to hire and what to look for in a good catering company.

The Importance of choosing the right caterer for your party

The fact of the matter is that each and every one of us can remember at least one party where the food was a disaster. Nothing can ruin a party faster than bad food or terrible service when it comes to catering.

Deciding on which caterer to choose for your upcoming party is then a very crucial part of the planning phase. It is after all, your party and you want it to go as perfect as it possibly can, don’t you? Well, imagine if you will for a second, all the things that could go wrong if you were to choose an inexperienced company to cover your catering. The list of things that could go wrong is long and each item on that list could change the way your guests enjoy your party.

When you choose a caterer, you are choosing a company to be in charge of the food that your guests will be consuming on that special day. This is a decision that will make or break that perfect party. This is why you need to choose the right caterer for your event.

You will want to choose a caterer that has a trusted ability to offer not only top quality food but also the service that will wow your guests.

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What makes a great caterer?

So you know that you need to hire a good caterer to take care of all your party’s food needs, but who do you trust with such a large responsibility? What makes a great caterer?

Well, companies that provide party catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are not that hard to find as the whole hospitality industry in this region is on an unprecedented rise. However, great catering service is another thing altogether. And a great party caterer is exactly what you need if you want your party to stand out from all the others.

Great catering consists of a number of things. A great caterer will understand exactly what style and tone of party you are going to throw. They will factor in the type of party and amount of guests and will work closely with your budget, attempting to get you the very best for your buck. Great caterers like Circle Café will be able to offer you a number of different food choices as well as service types. A great caterer will have years of experience and will take a professional approach to the service that they are offering.

Because the party scene in the country is increasingly on the rise, there are now several companies specialising not only in catering per se but they now include party food delivery in Dubai and all of the UAE. Also, party-goers are now enjoying lighter meal options so more and more organisers are opting for canapes catering in Dubai. These services and the way in which a great caterer communicates with you are still just the tip of the ice-berg.

Imagine if you will a beautifully catered party or corporate event with trays full of canapes and an amazing buffet; or take your party one step further with a Live Station where you can have your very own chef crafting fresh food for your guests to watch and then enjoy. These are the hallmarks of a great catering company.

Why would you settle for anything less than one of the top catering companies in Dubai, especially now that you know what a great catering company can offer you and your guests?

Important things to remember

Here are a few things that you will need to remember when choosing the perfect party catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

It is your party – There are few things that are more important to remember when you are choosing that perfect party caterer than this; it is your party. Many average and even some good caterers will attempt to sway you to their way of thinking when it comes to your own event. They do this for a number of reasons; some are attempting to make you spend far more than you are comfortable with by offering you products and services that you will not need or by providing far more food than your guests will ever eat. Others are merely trying to turn your attention towards specific services because they do not provide some other services that you require. The top catering companies in Dubai will offer the services that you need and more. They will also work far closer to what you need and not just what they are able to supply.

Food and Service will reflect on you – Remember that when the guests at your party or event begin to get peckish, it is the food that your chosen caterer provides that they and indeed you will be digging into. If you want to be remembered for throwing a great party, then why not offer your guests the best quality food and service as these will reflect on you at the end of the day. Even if you blame it all to the catering company, it will always be on you for choosing a sub-standard caterer.

Comfort is key – In order to get the absolute best out of your chosen party caterer, it is of absolute importance that you are comfortable with your choices. A great catering company like Circle Café will be open and communicative at every step of the process. That means from planning to plating up, you will have an open line of comfortable communication. This means that there is far less stress involved and not only can you relax in the knowledge that your party is being catered by the best, but your guests will be comforted by the excellent service and professionally prepared food that they are offered. And remember, a comfortable guest is tantamount to a successful party.

Food is the way to most people’s hearts – When you are deciding on your party catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, you must remember that the way to most people’s heart is through food. No matter how good the rest of the party is, if your food is terrible then that is what your party will be remembered for. This is why great catering companies have a range of foods that they can offer to suit different type of events or guests. Provide your guests with the type of food served in the manner that is best befitting your purpose. The food that you serve and the way that you choose for it to be served is a great way to put across your own personality and styling.

Take diet into account – With all the very many things that you will have to think about when planning the perfect party, it is easy to forget some of the vital parts. When it comes to food and the way that people eat nowadays, diet is one of the most ignored aspect. What people do or do not eat may just be a minor detail that can be overlooked, but this minor thing can, for some guests, drastically change the way that they are able to enjoy your party. It is therefore important that when choosing from the top catering companies in Dubai, you choose one that has the ability to offer you different menus for different dietary requirements. The importance of offering your guests a Vegetarian or Vegan option cannot be overstated in this age where foodies and health-conscious groups are on the rise.

The right style of service goes a long way – The right caterer for your party will also mean choosing a caterer that can offer the right type of package for your party or event. If you are choosing to throw one of the parties to remember, then you will want to look into catering companies like Circle Café that offer Live Stations. Live Stations are full on freestanding stations where you can have your own personal chef come to your party or event and cook fresh food for your guests. Some of their Live Station services include a BBQ station, a Slider and Fries station, a Pizza station and a Pasta station. But not all parties are going to be that large blowout affair, are they? If you are throwing something smaller and more casual then you will want to look into a catering company that offers party food delivery in Dubai or anywhere in the country. That way, you can cut out all the hassle connected to trying to find the right food and having it delivered at the right time. A great caterer will offer a party food or canape delivery service bringing your food directly to your guests.

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Tips for choosing the right caterer for your party

Now you know what to remember, here are some tips to help you choose the right caterer for you.
Choose a caterer that offers what you need - There is little that is worse than having to offer your guests food that you hadn’t wanted to. It is important that you look for a professional catering company who can offer you food that you and your guests would love as well as the type of service you require. If you want high-quality service at your party or Live Stations, then choose a caterer who provides those services. If you want canapes catering in Dubai, then choose a caterer that offers that service. If you want the food for your party to be of an amazing quality but just delivered, then choose a catering company that can also offer party food delivery.

Make sure that the caterer is known for quality - When it comes to both the food and the service that your chosen caterer will offer, you want the best of both worlds. The only way to be entirely sure that a catering company offers that perfect service and food, is to check their reviews and find out what people have said about them. The catering companies like Circle Café that offer the top party catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are known all over the region for the quality of both their food and the services that they provide.

Inspired catering – In the end you, do not just want to choose any caterer for your party, especially when choosing the wrong one can be so detrimental. You want to choose an inspired catering company that thinks outside the box as well as in. Why settle for standard when you can use these tips to help you choose one of the top catering companies in Dubai.

Circle Café’s catering service (The Best in Dubai)

One absolutely stand out catering company that has been making serious waves in the industry lately is Circle Café. The Circle Café catering service is one of the best in the region by far. Not only does Circle Café’s catering service have a view on health that is lacked by most of their competitors, but their passion for both food and service is second to none.

Circle Café’s catering service is experienced in offering every aspect that a party organiser might possibly need in order to throw a great and memorable party. If you decide to hire a professional chef to come to your home or workplace then they are able to offer that service and with a range of possibilities from Live Stations, buffet style catering and even to plated dinners for your home or office event.

Their catering service can cater for any type of party and in doing so, they will work with you closely in order to customise your menu according to your requirements and preferences. This will ensure that you, together with your guests, will enjoy the food that they will provide.

With an online food ordering service that rivals most others, Circle Café can now even provide a party food delivery service where you can choose exactly what you would like to be served at your party and simply order it online to be delivered at your own convenience. This takes party food to another level as even if you decide not to have professional caterers at your party, you are still able to wow your guests with professional catering. The high-quality food without the costs attached to the service when you are throwing a slightly more casual party is now possible!

There is really only one party food caterer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that can truly say that they offer all the various elements that make up a great catering company and that is the Circle Café. So, if you want the very best catering service that your guests will be talking about for a long time, have your party catered by Circle Café and see just how amazing your party can get. Contact Circle Café and let them know your party requirements.