Refreshing Summer Salads to Cool Your Day

on 02nd Sep, 2019
Even though tourists from western countries love summer in the UAE, they can only tolerate the heat up to a certain level – same with the locals and residents. It’s great when you have free days when you go splashing in the water and just chilling with a cold drink. But what about those active working days? This is where creativity and skill can help you out. People living in humid cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi have always found great ways to trick the thermometer. One very good example is the Dubai Ice Rink. Yes, this means that in Dubai you can literally go skating when the outside temperature is around 50 degrees. Forget the ice cream, try skating! And not only can it provide some temporary relief, but it’s also really fun and a great activity.

Another interesting way of escaping the heat waves during summer while still having an active lifestyle is the long halls of the shopping malls. Having a nice and relaxing walk on the ventilated hallways can be very relaxing and may even help you end up with some new pants and shoes!

But the most important aspect when it comes to dealing with high temperatures during summer is diet. Surprisingly, the food we eat can affect our body temperature and that includes leafy greens. And what’s the first dish can you think of when you hear veggies? Salad, of course! That’s why we have prepared for you a list of salads that will surely cool down your day.

1. Spinach and romaine salad – With ingredients such as radishes and cucumber, this salad will give you a cooling meal – what a boost of energy at first bite! Mix them with some creamy mint dressing to get that texture that will tickle your taste buds most delightfully. Pair it up with some fresh juices such as orange squeeze to help you soak up all the iron in the spinach. This is a perfect “green” meal for an efficient and productive hot summer day!

2. White Bean and Peppadew Salad – High proteins for high temperatures! Parsley, pepper, scallions and beans are the secret mix of this amazing salad. The pepper and scallions make a delightful combination to freshen you up, while the beans are the key to keeping your tummies happy and satisfied. Whether you want it as a side dish or a full, light meal, this salad will, for sure, fit your needs!

3. Crab Salad with Peaches and Avocado – for those courageous enough to try something more daring. This delicious mix of seafood with the sweetness of the peaches and the mousy texture of the avocado will conquer your senses and melt in your mouth leaving you with a pleasantly fresh and fruity taste.

4. Tossed Salad With Green Goddess Dressing – This is a salad fit for the clumsy queens. It’s also so easy you can make it at home - some tossed veggies to fit the tossed hair in the morning together with a unique home-made dressing which will wake you up in no time. The fresh and crunchy vegetables will help cool you down and prepare you for a great day!

5. Bacon Broccoli Raisin Salad – For those who like their greens but also some bacon, this is the perfect combination. The bacon and raisins may sound like a weird combination but sure are a great pair. Mix them with broccoli to refresh you up and put you back on track! You can use sweet and creamy mayo dressing to fil the gap between the fruit, veggie and meat.

6. Classic Carrot Salad with Raisins – Simple yet efficient, this carrot salad with raisins and mayonnaise dressing is great as a refreshing side dish. Its texture will fill your mouth and bring a fresh and sweet flavour that will complement the main course chosen for the meal.

7. Cucumber Salad with Sour Cream and Dill – You can’t get fresher than cucumber and sour cream. Cucumber’s high water content, together with the creamy sour cream will feel like a breeze in your mouth. And on top of that, the dill will perfectly balance the flavour and enhance the freshness of the mix at its maximum potential.

8. Seared Salmon, Watercress, and Potato Salad with Olive Dressing – Who said you can’t have meat when you’re feeling the heat? Yes, meat can produce more heat in the body due to more energy needed to digest it but you can always choose salmon – it can help you hydrated. Combine it with refreshing veggies for a light and refreshing meal. Now, this is a salad that can take over the entire meal!

9. Strawberry Chicken Salad – If you need to take a dose of sweetness in the middle of the day, then maybe you should give this dish a try. Some fresh green lettuce together with light chicken meat and pecan nuts can also be your option during summer if you’re feeling hungry for real meat. Add some pieces of strawberries to give your dish a fruity flavour and refill you with the energy you need to keep going.

10. Beet Salad with Spinach and Honey Balsamic Vinegar – The sour taste of the balsamic vinegar, the earthy flavour from the beet and the freshness from the spinach will give you a refreshing sensation which will pump you up. If you need more texture in your dish, you can add light chicken meat and cheese, as well as pecan halves which will add crunchiness to the plate.

Steak Salad11. Chopped Salad with Steak – If you’re feeling so hungry you feel you could devour the entire fridge, yet you want to keep your weight under control this summer, why not try this salad? Sure, the meat may be longer to digest but it does fill you up. You also have your greens anyway which will take care of the cooling so no need to worry about the summer heat and the carbs.

12. Raw Zucchini and Corn – If you want to cool down your days during summer, then you should lessen your carbs, fats and protein intake. That doesn’t mean you stay away from the goodness you’ll get from your favourite high-carb veggies such as corn. Though high in carbs, corn and raw zucchini can give you a taste of freshness that will help you get on through the roughest days of summer. This simple mix can be complemented with a delicious dressing that gently marinades the raw ingredients as well as the basil, vinaigrette and lemon juice.

13. Macaroni Salad with Bacon – This recipe takes all the freshness and flavour of Italian cuisine and upgrades it with some more fresh veggies. The macaroni and bacon combination is perfect for a tasty and meaty meal. But during the hot summer days, they go best with some lettuce leaves and sliced tomatoes to fresh up the taste. The acidity of the tomatoes also helps to take out the heavy feeling you might get from too many carbs and leaves you perfectly functional even if you’d decide to also take the second portion! Just watch out on all those carbs if you don’t want your tummy to work throughout the day.

14. Tex-Mex Black Bean and Corn Salad – This is a simple recipe for the veggie lovers who want to have a fast snack. The secret of this salad is in the dressing which is obtained by mixing lime juice, cilantro, apricot preserves and various seasonings. The sourness of the dressing gives a complex flavour to the whole salad, making it one of the best choices if you want to have a healthy, nutritious and fresh mid-day snack. And yes, it may not be all-greens but it’s still a light snack you can choose for that summer afternoon.

15. Cucumber and Tomato Salad – As basic as this salad may sound, but it can be your delight during the most hellish days of summer. The freshness of the tomatoes mixed with cucumber will chill your senses and keep you hydrated. It’s not only the perfect side dish for any meal, but it can also replace it as your breakfast, lunch or dinner too!

16. Grilled Chicken Mango Salad – This is another good idea for the moments when you want to have a meal, yet not something too heavy. Some light chicken meat is a great ingredient to keep the hunger away, while still giving a light feeling to the meal. The mango and avocado help with a creamy and refreshing, moussy texture, while the cilantro dressing helps lighten the taste even more by doubling also as a marinade.

17. Shrimp and Rice Salad – It’s for those who want to have a light dinner, but still want to indulge into something ”ricey”. The various vegetables together with the rice are a great base for this dish. The shrimp will add up for the texture and fresh flavour, without loading the plate too much. This recipe is great either for lunch or dinner and it can easily replace a full meal.

18. Roasted Red Cabbage and Collard Green Slaw – Now this is one bowl that will power up your day for good! This colourful and cheerful salad is not good just for its visual effects, but it’s also filled with nutrients and vitamins. To make it cooler, pair it with apple cider vinegar and capsicum.

19. Tomato and Fruit Salad – Who said you can’t have fruit salad as your main course? During the summer, everything is possible. Eating plenty of fresh fruits (and tomatoes) can keep your bodies cool. This is your sweet choice if you want to maintain that fluid level without being obligated to drink your H20.

20. Marinated Shrimp Salad with Avocado – What can be better for dinner after a hot day than some tasty shrimp with a tasty avocado dish with fresh green lettuce? This easy and fresh recipe is light and delicious, and can easily satisfy your needs for proteins and flavour. To maximise flavour, it’s best to add some orange slices and chopped fresh mint. These two ingredients will definitely raise the freshness levels and add up to a unique taste and a cooling effect.

21. Farro and Tomato Salad with Crispy Capers – This is the way to go when you are not a fan of salads or greens. The capers together with various colours of grapes and tomatoes add a sweet-sour flavour to the dish while the farro will ensure the consistency of the plate. This will give you the right amount of carbs you need for an active day.

Salad with Croutons
22. Basic Tossed Salad with Homemade Croutons and Red Wine Vinegar Dressing
- Getting back to the salads which you can count on to replace a full meal during hot summer days, this salad is a perfect fit for a light lunch. The croutons make this recipe fit for a full meal, while the red wine vinegar highlights the freshness of the vegetables.

23. Charred Gem Lettuce – The perfect snack to grab when you want something tasty, healthy and fresh in between meals. The grilled lettuce makes a perfect base for any sort of dressing you might want to try. To get the best of this green, to top it with tomatoes and cucumbers for that extra texture and freshness. A perfect summer dish for sure!

24. Garden Pasta Salad with Rotini – It’s like Primavera, but with fresh veggies. The great plus of this mix is that it’s tasty like the Italian pasta, yet healthy enough to still be part of your diet! The fresh vegetables will give a unique taste to the rotini, and the dressing will link all the ingredients into a tasty and refreshing dish that will satisfy even the pickiest eater in the family! And yes, it can also be your summer pasta choice.

25. Charred Corn Salad – If you love corn so much, then you should absolutely try this one! The sweet taste of corn goes perfectly with some crumbled queso fresco and fresh lime juice, which when brought together turn into a delicious and amazingly flavoured dish. To help enhance the aroma, you can try adding parsley.

26. Asparagus, Snap Pea and Radish Salad – Missing the Greek cuisine? It’s time to refresh yourself in the Green way then! Try this salad made with fresh asparagus, snap pea and radishes. To have the perfect taste, you can sweeten it with a little bit of honey, which will then be balanced out by the sprinkled feta cheese. The combination of both sweet and salty is perfect to keep that balanced fresh taste.

27. Avocado Fruit Salad – If you need more ideas for healthy snacks, then we’ve got you covered. This salad has its creamy texture from the avocado, then mixed with the sweet and fresh taste of the fruits, giving you a spoonful of vitamins plus extra cooling!

28. Chicken and White Bean Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette – This is another great idea when it comes to replacing a heavy meal with a light salad. Chicken and beans are two ingredients with great concentrations of proteins, making this dish great for people who like to work out or have an active life in general even during summer. The citrus vinaigrette will enhance the flavour of the ingredients, helping you not only have a great, nutritious meal but will also help you keep your cool during the heat.

29. Shrimp and radish salad – It’s another shrimp salad paired with another fresh veggie. The juicy shrimp with the radish will give you a cooling experience that will make your taste buds scream for more. Just make sure to have the right dressing, and you’re on your way to having a refreshing meal!

30. Roasted Cauliflower and Quinoa Salad – For all the veggie lovers out there who are searching for the right dish to go with their seitan steak, this one is for you. The crunchy cauliflower will help with adding a strong texture to the veggies and quinoa, making the whole experience more refreshing. Served cold, this salad can rock your palate and freshen up your mood this summer.

Summer-ising Your Salads

If you’re still not sure which refreshing summer salad to try, you can always get creative and come up with your own. These summer green salad recipes are nothing more than guidelines of what you could do. If you want to green it up a little and go down the fresh path, then, by all means, go for it! And if nothing works out, you can always take a look at what we offer at Circle Café. If you decide on any of our salads, don’t forget to pair it up with any of our fresh juices too!

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