Top 18 Dubai Cafe Trends this 2019

on 06th Feb, 2019
food trends in Dubai cafes 2019

Trending in Dubai Cafes Across in 2019

Over the last year, we have been witnesses to a number of growing trends within the restaurant industry in the UAE, such as the rise of veganism and the growing demand in breakfast delivery. And you can be sure that 2019 will have much more of the same. Change is indeed inevitable and as the world changes, so do we, more so in how and what we eat. But with each New Year comes a new wave of culinary changes and it is the restaurant industry’s job to cater to each new customer need.

Food Trends that Dominated 2018

Just like any other year, 2018 had its fair share of restaurant food trends. Whatever the change in customers’ requirements, the restaurant industry found new and interesting ways to cater for them.

2019 is gearing up to be a year that sees the restaurant and food industry changing in a large number of ways. The best way to prepare for these new trends is to look at some of the trends in the past year.

Street-food Made a Comeback

Dubai cafe smoothies The year 2018 saw the comeback of a classic trend that was definitely due to a burst of popularity as it served the diners’ every need. This can be seen from restaurant businesses opening their doors to specialise in various types of street-food right through to street-food inspired dishes being available in many restaurant franchises.

Smoothies were Everywhere

Everyplace that we looked in 2018, there were smoothies being enjoyed or having its picture taken for social media. The beautiful creations that came about from mixing wild and wonderful greens into smoothies were in some cases able to open people’s eyes to new taste combinations. This trend is set to carry on through to 2019 and is still one to watch out for.

The Humble Burger Returned to the Menu

With there already being a street-food trend in full swing in 2018, it was no wonder that one of its main players was able to make a comeback of its own. The burger re-appeared on menus almost everywhere. Many variations of burgers were also conceived such as Circle Café’s beef burger wherein caramelised onion jam, mushroom bordelaise, tomato jam were added to the already perfect beef patty.

The 18 new food trends set to soar in 2019

So what are the food trends that we will be seeing in most restaurants in 2019? Well, by looking at information gathered from sources throughout the food industry, it is possible to predict what diners will be wanting from their restaurant menu this coming year. We have put together a list of the food trends that will be most popular throughout the year.

1.  Instagrammable Foods

With the rise of social media and photo sharing sites like Instagram, the restaurant industry has been forced to create more aesthetically pleasing dishes, or more commonly known as “Instagrammable” – meaning worthy of sharing on Instagram.

This trend of snapping pictures for your Instagram or social media account is set to continue to rise through 2019 with restaurants tailoring not just their décors but also their dishes to not be left out in this social media age.

2. Healthy Food Delivered

The ongoing trend of varying diets that has swept across the UAE has resulted in a need for healthier foods. Not only is there a need for healthier food but customers now wants that healthy food delivery Abu Dhabi and the rest of the region has lacked before. Before, food delivery was usually seen as a somewhat unhealthy choice and many of the foods that were readily available for delivery were greasy or fatty foods.

All that has changed now since you can have healthy dishes delivered to your home or workplace any time of day. This trend is not going away any time soon.

3. Cakes for All Occasions

Another older trend that is set to make a big return in 2019 is the return of the cake for all occasions. Whereas in past years, the cake will have been celebrated for serving the purpose of dessert or as a gift, or simply for special occasions, 2019 will see the cake return to a place where it can be eaten at any time and for any reason.

Dubai cafes are online restaurants too4. The Online Restaurant

With technology moving forward at a faster pace, it is no wonder that whole aspects of the restaurant business are moving online. Now, you can be sure to find quality restaurant food from just about any world cuisine available online and for delivery. 2019 will see an increase in the amount of people ordering their restaurant food from the region’s most popular online ordering systems, or directly from the restaurant’s websites. It will also see the trend of challenging restaurants to better the level of service and rethink the way that they sell food online.

5. Clean Eating Craze

Another trend that will definitely continue to dominate this 2019 is the Clean Eating craze that is sweeping not only in this region but everywhere. Now that people are paying far closer attention to the food that they eat and where it comes from or how it is made, it seems that eating a “cleaner” diet is the new way to eat. The idea behind this Clean Eating trend is that it is healthier and better for the planet if you eat less refined or processed foods, and eat food that is closer to its natural form.

6. Protein Snacks

In a culinary climate that has chosen to focus more on health, our first food trend for 2019 comes in the form of power bites. Appearing on menus at some of the great Dubai cafes in 2018, these small bites are a great way to add much needed protein and nutrients to any dinner in Dubai and are packed with a wealth of energy.

Power bites can be made using oats, peanut butter, honey, dark chocolate, yellow raisins, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and coconut powder. Whether they are eaten as a snack or as an addition to your meal, the popularity of these power bites are due to grow more over the next year especially for the working masses.

7. Serious Salads

The salad Dubai enjoys has been a trend that we have seen become more and more popular in recent years. But never before has it been seen as the main course that it is now due to more people being more conscious of what they eat. The salad, of course, often being the easiest and sometimes the only choice for vegetarians and vegans alike. While there are now far more vegetarian and vegan options, the salad Abu Dhabi and the rest of the world eats more and more of remains a trend set to continue to soar in 2019.

Most of restaurants today use simple ingredients to make their best-selling salads. Some of these are quinoa, cherry tomato, parsley, spring onion and pomegranate seeds. We might see more salad variations this year.

gourmet jams and jellies in Dubai cafes8. Gourmet Jams and Jellies

On the more gourmet end of the spectrum, we will be seeing a rapid rise in 2019 of the amounts of Jams and Jellies that are used in all manner of cooking. From jellies being served as dips right through to savory jams being used in various dishes on the menu.

In Circle Café, for example, have used this new trend in our own Chicken Burger. The tomato jam was mixed with spicy yoghurt sauce, pickles iceberg lettuce and fried chicken. The uniqueness of its taste has made it a favourite in party or corporate catering.

9. Boost Juices

And the power of juices does not stop there as the trend of juices will see more and more people upping their nutrient intake by drinking these healthy juices. Restaurants already started offering a selection of juices that will boost your energy levels or immune system.

10. The Glorious Mock-tail

If you walk into the best cocktail bars in the world, chances are, that they will be able to offer you a pretty decent mock-tail. Now though, this beautiful mixed drink has made its way onto the menu of the best Dubai cafes and dinner places.

By removing the alcohol, many of the cocktails that you know and love can be turned into rather healthy and very delicious drinks that anybody can enjoy especially in this region. One of the most common mocktails in Dubai is a mixture of soda water with mint leaves, fresh lime and mint syrup - creating something refreshing and new in 2019.

11. Flatbread Dishes

As bread of all types become more and more popular, so too will dishes that are served with a base of bread. Flatbread can be complement your favourite ingredients like roasted cauliflower, fried onions, chickpeas, avocadoes and more.

We expect more restaurants in Dubai and greater Gulf regions to introduce more flatbread-based dishes this year.

12. Big Bagel Breakfast

Bagels, especially for Western countries, will always be a favourite part of breakfast. This new year, we’re anticipating more people to be on the bagel craze as different franchises are introducing new ways to enjoy this delicious dough.

Circle Café, for example, has made bagel chips as a lighter bread based version of the often fatty potato chips. This may not be new to everyone, but we expect this and many other bagel dishes to soar higher this 2019.

vegan food are also served in Dubai cafes13. Very Vegan or Plant Based

Although eating Vegan is not itself really a trend and is more a dietary practice, there are trends that are associated with this way of lifestyle that we will see more of in 2019.

Not only will 2019 see more people eating vegan food, but it will be a year that see more vegan options on the menus of good cafes and restaurants, as well as corporate catering Dubai and UAE-wide.

14. Poke Bowls for Breakfast

In 2018, the Poke Bowl was a surprise sensation when it appeared on the menus of Japanese restaurants and good cafes alike. Since first appearing though, the Poke Bowl has been celebrated for its simple yet healthy and balanced nature.

However in 2019 the Poke Bowl will take on a whole new look as people begin to enjoy it for breakfast.

15. More Bowls, More Bowls

Bowls themselves are an up and coming trend for 2019. More restaurant owners are fascinated on the idea of creating foods using their top ingredients, mixed together then served in a bowl. We also expect that even the most famous dishes will be later served in this bowl-type basins.

16. Middle East for Breakfast

As far as breakfast goes in 2019, the smash hit trend will be Middle Eastern food for the breakfast table. The increased focus on breakfast has led to people searching for new experiences and dishes everytime.

This search for great breakfasts has seemingly led the culinary world to Middle Eastern food with its deep flavours and amazing textures. And since a number of residents in the UAE are foreigners, it is only right to explore more of these dishes and experience first-hand the rich taste of Middle East.

17. Keeping Your Gut-Healthy

As probiotic or gut-healthy eating becomes a larger part of people’s everyday dietary needs, the restaurant and food industry will of course follow suit. There are already some places that offers something probiotic to introduce good bacteria to your digestive system. This year though, we’ll see an increase in the number of restaurants of food chains that will take advantage of this trend. We will see more fermented foods integrated to different dishes or used to create an entirely new menu.

18. Comforting Side Dishes

Comfort foods did not place that high on people’s list of favourites in 2018 but that is set to change in 2019 as comforting side dishes make their way back onto the restaurant dinner table. Old favourites to come back include the comforting macaroni and cheese and many more.

Nothing beats a good meal when you share it with your loved ones. Trending or not, why not order your favourite Circle Café dish today?