Vegan Food in Dubai - Embracing the Vegan Trend

on 27th Sep, 2017
vegan food Dubai


The vegan trend is totally becoming a common lifestyle in Dubai. It is a trend also followed by famous celebrities all over such as Ellen DeGeneres, Jessica Chastain, Miley Cyrus and former President of the United States Bill Clinton—all who champion the notion of clean eating. The most amazing benefits of being a vegan involve the following:
  • Less susceptibility to disease
  • Increased energy
  • Youthful vigor and appearance
  • Weight loss
  • Skin improvements

Veganism in Dubai

The trend is readily adopted in Dubai and it is important to note that followers of the vegan food consider it more of a philosophy or a lifestyle choice than just merely a diet choice alone. Many go vegan for ethical reasons surrounding cruelty to animals and others do it for health reasons, or to overcome certain ailments.

Vegans rely heavily on plant-based diets. Vegan foods include plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes. This leads to what some may consider the perfect clean diet higher in fiber, minerals and vitamins that is great for keeping saturated fats and cholesterol at lower levels.

It is important to note that those interested in getting into the vegan diet should be sure to get their sufficient intake of Folic acid, Vitamin B, C, E, iron and magnesium for the body.

Some choose to stick to just vegan food, while other who are more vigilant opt for vegan cleaning, hair, makeup and beauty products (to name a few) as well.

Is Vegan Food in Dubai Easily Accessible?

Known for many awesome sights such as the largest mall and tallest buildings, Dubai has endless opportunities and spots available which cater to the vegan community. You can now find vegan food quite conveniently here. 

With the increasing trend of vegan food in Dubai, so many choices have emerged, some of which are listed below.

Dubai Restaurants for Vegans

Dubai-based vegans find a lot of Vegan restaurants offering great deals. The Circle Café in Dubai has a huge variety of healthy salads as well as main courses for vegans. The fruit salads there are simply out of this world.

Well-regarded places such as Sukh Sagar and Manvaar are also popular spots that vegans will find to be pretty inviting, despite the fact that they are technically classified as “vegetarian”.

BeStro located in Dubai Mall, which specializes in lots of raw foods and sugar-free staples and other establishments such as 77 Veggie Boutique and Kamat Restaurant cater to vegetarians and vegans alike.

So, vegans will find that they should also have a decent amount of options to choose from as long as they’re abstaining from any dairy products that may potentially be included in some meal options.

What Makes People so Passionate About Veganism?

People living in Dubai care much about the environment. This is their biggest motivation for adopting veganism. On a serious note, the dairy and meat farms are taking a poisonous toll on it, as they are in other parts of the world, and many people are getting serious about making a difference.

In addition, ethical reasons are often a part of the decision to go vegan, as people care about animal cruelty. The needless misery animals go through for a meal prepared with meat should is often just not worth the price.
So many vegans feel that they are playing the part to help establish, spread and maintain peace and justice by promoting non-violence and compassion, even when it comes to their meals.

Why People in Dubai are deciding to be Vegan?

Being Vegan refers to a lifestyle of keeping your mind and body balanced with a clean and healthy diet. Listed below are three major reasons why people in Dubai are following the trend of veganism. 

1. Nutrition and Health

The first and foremost reason of people turning to veganism is due to the various nutrition and health benefits. Such diets also plays a key role in eradicating the risk of diseases and even minor ailments regarding digestion, skin problems, weight issues and concerns regarding energy levels.

Being a vegan not only lessens the risk of artery clogging but also helps control the aging process. There are various diseases that have been proven to be accelerated by the consumption of meat products and the World Health Organization recently classified red meat as a carcinogen.

2. Environmental Protection

The mainstream rise and acceptance of the green movement is quite evident now that many climate change naysayers have been called out for their fallacies. The byproducts associated with animal farming are known to be main contributors in climate change and the deterioration of our ozone.

People in Dubai are assessing the climate change and have become more concerned about it. In order to promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle, individuals all over are adopting this trend.

3. Morality

Ethics plays a major role in the lifestyle for many vegans. While this isn’t necessarily the case for all, many find themselves distraught over the prevalence of needless animal cruelty and realizing the need to take productive steps to secure harmony and peace between species.

The temptation to indulge in non-vegan products

People in Dubai adopting this lifestyle consider it to be a normal and natural lifestyle. In fact, the truth of the matter is that many find the benefits of eating vegan food in Dubai.

If you do decide to go vegan, one thing is almost for certain—you will spend a great deal of time pining over the texture of meat. However, with that being said, going vegan is so much more easy now a days than it was ten and twenty years ago.

Brands such as MorningStar, Boca and tons of others have created countless imitation meat products that could make even the most carnivorous of our species happy.

My advice to you is to experiment. Find a brand that you feel brings consistent high-quality products to the table. Maybe you prefer one brand for your veggie burgers and another for your imitation bacon. That is totally cool.

Or, maybe you don’t need to replicate the taste or texture of meat whatsoever (if so, you’re one of the few golden lucky ones).

Find social circles that also partake in this lifestyle habit. This makes the process amazingly easier. Taking proactive steps such as meal planning also work wonders, especially when it comes to taking trips or heading out to eat.

When I went vegan, I bought cookbooks, looked up recipes and tried a thousand different things until I was able to craft my diet around some awesome products.