13 Ways to Eat Bagels

on 25th Apr, 2019

13 ways to eat a bagel - 

(no, there is no bad luck in this number)

A peak in the world of bagels 

Traditionally from the USA, bagels have become more and more popular all around the world. And the reason is simple: they are tasty and perfect if you want either a small meal or a full snack. Now it’s easy to find them even in Dubai cafes, and they can go perfectly with the morning coffee or the evening tea! You want to find out more about what bagels are, what they can be made of or where to find them? Check out our entry about bagels in Dubai.

Now that you found out all that there is to know about bagels, we’ll walk you through the next steps: the ritual of eating the bagel. There’s a method in madness! Don’t take eating bagels as a simple, common thing! Eating is a ritual, and each ritual needs to be performed correctly! Though you can eat bagels any time, in any way, we have a list of suggestions that will help you get the full bagel experience!

Though the bagel may seem like a simple piece of bread, it has a quite versatile character, and it can be used in various ways, becoming part of our everyday meals. It can be used to prepare a delicious and nutritious breakfast, as well as a perfect in between meals snack. It’s perfect to be part of a tasty and healthy lunch or of a fancy dinner. Keep reading and you will find out some ingenious ways of eating a bagel, that you may have never thought about.

The morning power pill

The Terwi-a from Circle CafeThey say that breakfast is the meal of the champions, right? So what is more fit for a champion than a tasty breakfast featuring a delicious bagel? If you are an omelette kind of person, you can try a caramelised onion and goats cheese omelette. This big and tasty breakfast will for sure give you all the power you need in order to start your day the right way! It should also feature some fresh veggies such as kale, to have something green on the plate – you can take a photo for your mom to show her how healthy you eat. 

Another good bagel mix for the breakfast is The Terwi-a. A delightful Arabic plate that brings together the flavoured grilled halloumi, labneh, za’atar, foul, halawa, olives, tomatoes and cucumber with, and of course, the delicious bagel. This one is the perfect mix of carbs, fresh greens and taste to fuel the beginning part of the day in the healthiest and most delicious way!

The bagel sandwich – a circle of taste

This is for sure one way you’ve never thought about bagels. Yes, they make the perfect shell for a delicious sandwich. Soft and smooth, they go perfect with any kind of cheese, meat, spread or veggies. If you don’t believe us, just try them! Here are some unique bagel sandwiches:

Grilled Halloumi Bagel
Grilled HalloumiThe delicious, fluffy dough combined with the flavoured smoked meat can turn into a perfect sandwich. Some fresh za’atar and cucumbers can help turn your lunch break into a perfect experience! Other “cheesy” options for a bagel sandwich could be Brie – just imagine this tasty cheese melted all over the bagel – and Mozzarella Caprese. Even the Italians would eat a Mozzarella bagel sandwich in a heartbeat!

Chicken and Avocado for a shot of tasty proteins
In between the bagel layers, these two can turn into a one-of-a-kind sandwich! And for more freshness, you can add some vegetables such as tomatoes or lettuce. Nevertheless, some mayo would go perfectly as the main sauce. And if you’re not a chicken lover, turkey meat goes also great with a bagel! Especially if you add some Swiss cheese and veggies!
Steak Bagel Sandwich
Steak Bagel SandwichSometimes, we need to get serious. A tough day needs a tough meal. And what is better than a steak? But if you are on the go and can’t spend much time to sit and enjoy a long-lasting lunch break, a bagel sandwich might just come in handy. Yet not any bagel sandwich – a steak bagel sandwich. This mix can be perfect for the moments when you really want to fill your stomach with quality food but you’re on a race against time. It can definitely satisfy your hunger and make up for a whole, full meal. And for flavour and freshness, some rocca, caramelised onions or garlic might be added – a party of taste inside a delicious bagel.

Between a sandwich and a salad
Tuna Bagel sandwich, a delicious snack good for both the body and the soul. Tuna, mayonnaise, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and some gherkins, only, instead of putting them in a bowl with croutons, you can put them in between the layers of a bagel and voila – the same as a tuna salad, only better shaped and easier to eat. If what you’re searching for is the best salad in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, this one is for sure a must try. 
The Nutella Bagel Bomb
If your kind of snack is something with more sweetness in it, then this is the perfect choice for you! It has no rules to how you can make it, or how much Nutella you can add. Our recommendation is to just slice the bagel and fill it up with the delicious spread. You can even have it as breakfast if you are the sweet breakfast kind of person. But keep in mind that this kind of caloric bomb is not something that you should consume on a regular basis. Your thighs may not be pleased with such a diet.
Peanut butter bagel time
Peanut Butter Bagel SandwichMaybe you’ve had the Nutella bomb bagel two days ago but you want something tasty. Don’t worry, this next quick snack will be a bit healthier. The peanut butter bagel is perfect for those who enjoy eating while keeping in shape. Just slice your bagel, spread some peanut butter on it and, if you want to go full healthy, you can either add some fruits on top. Either bananas, kiwi or berries, whatever makes your taste buds happy. This is a perfect snack for kids as well as for adults. And it goes well with both the morning coffee and the evening tea. Not to mention, it won’t make you feel as guilty as the Nutella version.

Crispy bagel chips
for the Netflix and chips kind of evenings

bagel chipsBagels are not only suitable for moments when you want to replace a meal with a sandwich eaten quickly, on the run, or for starting your day with a tasty breakfast. They can also turn into the perfect movie snack! If your kind of enjoyable evening is sitting in your living room with friends and watching movies together, or alone, watching your favourite series, we have an idea that will make your evening tastier! Imagine this: thin layers of bagels, crispy and flavoured, dipped into labneh, beetroot, hummus or guacamole. Now, this is definitely a way to make sure both you and your company will enjoy the movie on a whole new level! 


A special kind of French toast

If you are trying to prepare a delicious, yet out of the ordinary French toast for your loved one, then the bagel French toast is the answer. The squishy, fluffy dough of a bagel turns it into the perfect candidate to be toasted in the French way. Just prepare all the ingredients normally used for the French toast, and replace the same old boring loaf with some delicious bagels. When the Bagel French toast is ready, just add your favourite topping and spices and you are ready to go. Though it works best at breakfast, nobody will complain if you turn the dinner into a delicious morning plate. After all, it’s the taste that counts!

Another French bagel delicacy – French onion bagel soup

Ok, maybe you’d think that soups are good for cold weather, so maybe not the best choice for… let’s say, a dinner in Dubai. But this is not true. Soups are a great meal, regardless of the temperatures outside. The smooth tasty broth with sweet onions is the perfect dip for a soft bagel and will turn this recipe into a success any day of the year. For some extra flavour, you can follow the recipe all the way and add some melted cheese on top. It will impress your company for sure!

Bagel Quiche – for those who are really passionate about French cuisine

There must be something about a bagel and French cuisine because they seem to go together soothingly. This recipe might seem a bit more difficult to prepare, but the result is for sure worth it! Not to mention that using the bagel will make the whole process a lot easier. Just prepare your filling, hollow the bagel and drop the tasty mix inside it. You’ll have to pay attention to the oven though! Don’t forget about it or you might waste a perfectly delicious bagel and disappoint your starving stomach. Also, you can top it with various spices in order to up the flavour. 

Bagel pizza – if you want to eat pizza without the commitment of more than one slice

Bagel pizzas are easy to make and the best part is, you can make just one or a whole bunch of them, depending on how much you plan to eat. Both throwing pizza away and eating cold pizza leftovers are depressing situations. That’s why the bagel replacement is a perfect solution. And the good part is that you can have a different variation of pizza on each bagel! You can even prepare them as a snack for a party or a movie night with your friends. 

Bagels – the basis of a glorious dessert

Yes, we have already written about the Nutella bomb and the peanut butter bagel. But how about some real bagel desserts? You can use the idea of the bagel in order to come up with new, delicious, dessert innovations. For example, you can easily make a chocolate bagel by simply filling it with your favourite chocolate cream. But what would be even more glorious is to make a bagel out of chocolate – different types of chocolate layered together with chocolate cream in a bagel masterpiece. This will definitely out-stage any kind of Nutella or peanut butter bagel! 

Recycling bagels – no bagel left behind

One of these days, you may find yourself with a bunch of stale bagels and think that only fresh, soft bagels deserve to be eaten. But there are plenty of options for using stale bagels and turning them into delicious plates. First of all, you can turn them into chips or croutons. These are the easiest, most basic ways to recycle stale bagels. Then, you can take it to the next level and turn them into stuffing. Bacon, chicken, cheese, whatever you may think of mixing the bits of bagel with, it’s going to end up in a big success on your plate. So next time you find in your kitchen some stale bagels, don’t just throw them in the bin. They might turn into the secret ingredient of a delicious dinner. 

The veggie-bagel 

When we talk about ways of eating a bagel, we should definitely take into account the vegan options. Bagels are so good they will turn any vegan recipe into a delicious experience that even the meat eaters will enjoy. Let’s take, for example, the hummus bagel – easy to make, it can turn into the perfect snack between meals. Also, a sandwich made with tofu scramble and some veggies will pump you up with energy! Another idea for your lunch box can be turning a bagel into the perfect veggie burger within just a few minutes. And don’t forget the avocado! Healthy and tasty, it’s always a good ingredient to add! 

A bagel and nothing more

Ok, last but not the least – a bagel is still a bagel. No matter how you may decide to eat it, it’s delicious. If you want to turn it into a caloric bomb using various fillings, or just pour some cheese on top and eat it as it is, it’s still going to be satisfying. Bagel chips, bagel toast, bagel pizza – they all are great snacks to entertain your taste buds. One thing you should never forget is that each meal is a unique moment and what you eat will fuel your body for the entire day. So make the right choice and turn every meal into a unique, delicious and healthy experience. 

Bagel it all up

BagelsThere are so many ways to enjoy eating a bagel that you can have a new experience every day. Whether you want some finger foods for your event or are putting together an entertaining evening with your friends, bagels are one of the best choices in matters of snacks. You can either cook them yourself or, if you are a catastrophe in the kitchen, you can enjoy the services of party catering in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  

So go ahead and try some of the bold bagel tips we have shared on our list. The multitude of the ways one can enjoy a bagel is so big that maybe you should reserve at least one day a week to have a bagel try out. It’s, for sure, a decision you won’t regret. Order online some of the options you find, or try to make your own mix. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to inventing new ways of eating a bagel. And if ever you find a new way to enjoy this tasty little piece of dough, let us know! We’ll be glad to hear about it.

And if this talk about delicious foods made you hungry, then maybe it’s time to order food online. Try Circle Café. We have many options for both bagel lovers and regular eaters.