Food & Beverages

Our Food & Beverages

At Circle we are constantly developing our menus, using only the freshest, tastiest and organic ingredients – and while bagels served with fillings to suit all tastes will always be at the heart of Circle, you can now also munch on salads, super bowls, classic curries, the list goes on!

Fresh Ingredients

One thread runs throughout the food: if it’s served at Circle, or delivered to your home from a Circle, then it’s fresh, soulful and is a dish that we truly love

Whether there for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, sitting in a Circle is like hanging in a friend’s living room

So come by,

Grab a coffee or juice, definitely try some cake and most certainly make yourself at home…

Customer Favourite Dishes

Chicken Skewers

Penne Alfredo

Spaghetti Meatballs

Customer Favourite Beverages

Speciality Coffee

Fresh Juices

Homemade Smoothies

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